Best Long Range Scopes in 2024 – Top 5 [REVEALED]

Long range shooting can be tough. But with the right long range scope, it can seriously help improve your accuracy a ton!

So what are the best long range scopes on the market?​

I’ve reviewed dozens of different scopes and have narrowed it down to the top 5 best scopes for long range shooting!

Top 5 Best Long Range Scopes

  1. Vortex Viper 6.5-20x50mm
  2. Millett LRS 6-25x56mm
  3. Ledsniper 6-24x50mm
  4. FS1 Sniper 6-24x50mm
  5. CVLIFE 6-24x50mm

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Best Long Range Scopes in 2024- Top 5

Long Range Scopes



Vortex Viper w6.5-20x50mm

(Editor’s Choice)​


Millet LRS 6-25x56mm

(Editor’s Choice)​





Defining What Long Range Means

Let’s define what long range shooting is because it’s different for everybody. For now, let’s set the definition for long range to at minimum 500 yards and above, but closer to the 1000 yards range.

Most long range rifle scopes are used for snipers, as long range scopes are typically designed to provide higher power.

long range sniper scope (LRS) is specifically designed to provide additional magnification in order for the target to appear closer, giving the shooter more confidence and increasing the ability to accurately shoot at long distances, say 1000 yards or longer.

You should be aware that quality long range scopes are more expensive than a traditional rifle scope. Typically they are used by snipers or tactical personnel however some target shooters and hunters prefer to use a scope with more magnification for those greater distance shots.

In our mind, to be classified as a true long distance rifle scope, it must have a magnification range of at least 20x. But honestly, you can get away with a magnification power of 10x if you are looking for a budget long range rifle scopes for the money.

There are a lot of companies out there that produce long range scopes however there are only a handful that produce them of good enough quality to warrant a review.

Long Range Scopes Don’t Come Cheap

If you’re looking for the best long range scope for the money, you can get your hands on a long sniper scope for as little as $100, however, based on our experience these optics are not constructed with quality glass and will not provide a clear image. You want to stay within the $300-500 range.

Don’t be surprised by sniper scopes and other long range optics with price tags over $500 at the lower end in this category, and they can go up to several thousand dollars.

Other Long Range Optic Details

Long range scopes are typically mounted on high caliber rifles such as a .300 Win Mag or even a .50 BMG, however some target shooters and hunters mount them on their .30-06 or 7mm Remington Magnum chambered rifles. If you buy a LRS, make sure to mount it with proper scope rings as you want to make sure the accuracy will be repeatable and consistent.

Quality manufacturers making the best long range rifle scopes include Millett, Schidmt & Bender, Vortex, Leupold, and Nightforce however there are some manufacturers that make lower end scopes such as CVLIFE and FSI Sniper.

In addition to purchasing the best long range scope for your rifle, you should also look at buying a good spotting scope for hunting and shooting. These are used to magnify your target to improve your view, but also are heavily used on the shooting range to help sight in your scope. With a good spotting scope, you can see where the bullet is entering the target at 500 yards so you can adjust your rifle scope.

Best Long Range Rifle Scopes Reviewed

1. Vortex Viper 6.5-20×50 PA Mil Dot Rifle Scope Review – Best Long Range Scope in 2024

The Vortex Viper PA Riflescope has incredible performance and features 95% light transmission, fully multi-coated optics which gives the shooter the ability to differentiate color even at the top end of the magnification range. This scope, combined with the right ammunition and rifle, will allow you to punch groupings at 1000 yards.

I love the Mil Dot reticle for long range shooting and the clarity on this scope is fantastic. Even in low light conditions at dusk or dawn, I can shoot a ground hog at 300 yards with this guy on my 338 Lapua. Anyone that does their research will know that Vortex builds quality optics.


Magnification: 6.5-20x
Objective Lens: 50mm

2. Millett 6-25 X 56 LRS-1 Illuminated Side Focus Tactical Riflescope Review

Millet builds quality long range scopes (LRS) and tactical rifle scopes (TRS) with superior brightness and large field of views. On another note, check out Millet’s awesome shooting tips.

The Millet LRS tactical riflescope is a massive, 1 piece 35mm tube and 56mm objective lens with a 3″ eye relief. It also features an illuminated Mil-DotBar reticle which uses the same math as the standard Mil-Dot. The magnification is excellent and the clarity of the glass is comparable to Leupold.

Although not specifically a long range shooter, I have the Millet 6-25x56mm mounted on my .308 and let me tell you, it is fun! The size and weight of the combo, and because I am getting old, mean that this setup is limited to the range or in my truck.


Magnification: 6-25x
Objective Lens: 56mm

3. Ledsniper Rifle Scope 6-24×50 Mil-dot Review

The Ledsniper riflescope is a low cost, however surprisingly decent long range scope for the money. I wasn’t sure that it would be any good however when it arrived I was impressed. I mounted it on my .223 and was impressed with the quality of the zoom and clarity of the glass. I haven’t had the scope long enough or put enough rounds through it to comment on quality, but the mechanics of it are solid.

Don’t expect to mount this on your 50 bmg and don’t expect this scope to allow you to shoot 100 yards. For the price, it looks cool and is functional. I would classify the Ledsniper as a great bench gun for the range. Great bang for your buck.


Magnification: 6-24x
Objective Lens: 50mm

4. FSI Sniper 6-24x50mm Scope Review

The FSI Sniper is an entry level long range scope that features an adjustable objective and comes with an extended sunshade and a heavy duty ring mount. Its durable as it is built out of aircraft grade material and has adjustable windage and elevation knobs with locking rings.

I was skeptical at first due its price however figured I could always find use for it on a .22 lr if it didn’t work on my 30-06 and did I mention that it looks cool! The sunshade makes it look very tactical. I sighted it in at the range using 180 grain and once I got it grouping I put 20 rounds through it to see if it would handle the recoil. I was shocked when it didn’t explode and was pleasantly surprised hitting bullseye time after time.

Now this isn’t my number one long range scope and I don’t expect it to allow me to shoot anything over 500 yards accurately but I do recommed the FSI sniper for anyone looking for a fun beginner long range scope for hunting or shooting at the range.


Magnification: 6-24x
Objective Lens: 50mm

5. CVLIFE Optics Hunting Rifle Scope 6-24×50 Review

The CVLIFE 6-24x50mm has a lot of bells and whistles that aren’t typically found on long range rifle scopes for under $100. It has an illuminated red and green reticle and comes with free mounts. It is fairly clear throughout the magnification range and is built to withstand normal wear and tear.

I tested this rifle scope on a .22-250 and it performed as advertised. It offered a great field of view and decent eye relief and held zero with the 50 rounds that I put in it. After getting used to it and sighting the scope in, I was grouping within 2″ at 250 yards.

For the price, you can’t go wrong with this CVLIFE optic. It offers a ton of features which are pretty cool and it makes any rifle look pretty rugged which is why this scope is one of the most popular long range rifle scopes on Amazon.


Magnification: 6-24x
Objective Lens: 50mm

Final Thoughts – Long Range Sniper Scope

Long range hunting rifle scopes are going to cost you more than the average rifle scope however they will give you a lot more magnification which makes target shooting more fun and hunting easier. Most guys will be a cheaper long range scope for varmint however the higher priced scopes are designed for sport shooting and hunting bigger game.

After all of the reviews of the best long range hunting scope, my number one recommendation is the Vortex Viper. Now, it is more expensive than the rest however it is a great long range scope for the money. It is a quality scope that will allow you to shoot 1000 yards with the right rifle and ammo combination. You will definitely have more confidence shooting at longer distances and be a more successful hunter.

Now I realize that not everyone has the wallet for the Vortex Viper and if that is the case, buy the FSI Sniper 6-24x50mm. It has a solid review and is a great buy for the money.

Stay safe and happy shooting!