Different Types of Gun Holsters

Different Types of Gun Holsters

When it comes to carry a gun on your person, you have a lot of different types of gun holster options to choose from. Some holsters are meant for concealed carry, while others for open. Others are meant to be for your hip, while some are for your ankle. There are a range of different … Read more

How to shoot a Pistol

how to shoot a pistol

Ever wondered how to shoot a pistol? If you’re new to the handgun world or just want to make more accurate shots, this article will thoroughly go through the steps to correctly shoot your handgun, whatever shape, size or caliber you prefer. Steps for Proper Shooting: The most important components of shooting a pistol correctly … Read more

Best Trail Camera Reviews

Trail Camera top rated

A trail camera, also called a game camera or camera trap, is used by hunters, wildlife observers, and researchers to accurately capture high quality images of wildlife without disturbing them. Hunters often used trail cameras to prepare for a successful hunt by surveying potential hunting areas for specific wildlife such as deer, elk, or bears. … Read more