How To Choosing the Right Scope Rings

Scope rings are what attach the optic to the rifle. For big game hunting at long distances with a large calibre rifle such as a .308, I recommend purchasing higher quality scope rings. The last thing you want is for your scope to loosen and loose its accuracy when you’re out in the field. With that being said, if you are using a .22 lr or a 17 HMR, your choice of scope rings isn’t as important.

Another aspect of scope rings is whether or not they are detachable. Detachable scope rings are great because you can use them on multiple rifles.

Before buying additional scope rings, check to see if your scope comes with rings. Consider the following:

Rifle Calibre Impacting Scope rings

The size of the rifle will be a huge determining factor when considering what scope rings to use. Let’s use an example. If you are using a .50 BMG then you will definitely need a higher quality set up than if you are using a .22 with your kids varmint hunting.

When using a large calibre, the recoil puts a lot of pressure on the rings. Shot after shot the rings need to hold tight in order for the scope to maintain accuracy. You don’t want to be that guy using junk rings and missing the kill shot at 150 yards with your buddies – trust me, I’ve been there.

Scope Rings Price Range

Although it goes hand in hand (usually) with rifle calibre, your individual budget will be another factor when deciding what rings to mount your scope with. If you are buying a $50 Simmons for your .22 LR, then it would be overkill to say that you need to buy $50 Leupold rings. However it you are buying a $500 Leupold scope, then do yourself a favor and match it with a quality set of rings if it doesn’t already come with them from Amazon!

Size of Scope Rings

Remember that scope rings come in all sorts of sizes and shapes and depending on your setup, this will be important. Some offer high profile which will give them some height above your barrel and allow the larger objective lens to fit properly and some are low profile which keep them lower to the barrel.

Some come with quick detachable features which allow for easy removal and installation whereas some are fixed. Consider detachable scope rings if you want to quickly switch your rifle scope from one rifle to another. This can be more important with the best night vision scopes.

Stay safe and happy shooting!