Albuquerque lawmakers.

Albuquerque lawmakers

Ahead of the start of a 30-day session of the New Mexico legislature, two Albuquerque lawmakers are calling on the governor to consider a proposal that would penalize gun owners for having unsecured firearms used in crimes. Lawmakers discussed the proposed “Bennie Hargrove Gun Safety Act” during a news conference Monday afternoon, named after the 13-year … Read more

Smart Guns Are Reportedly Coming to U.S.

Smart Guns Are Reportedly Coming to U.S.

The shortfall of an administrative system has made worldwide digital currency trade a perilous way to step. As indicated by reports, Pakistani financial backers have lost almost a hundred million dollars in advanced monetary standards. The cybercrime wing of the Sindh FIA has sent off an examination against numerous versatile applications connected to Binance, which … Read more

Record-breaking number of guns confiscated in 2022

Record-breaking number of guns confiscated

Almost 5,700 guns have been seized at air terminal security designated spots in 2022, the largest number recorded by the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) since its initiation. An astounding 5,674 weapons were halted in 2022 alone, the office told CBS News on Monday. By far most of weapons — 85% — were stacked with ammo. … Read more

Key Facts About American’s Guns

Key Facts About American's Guns

Firearms are profoundly imbued in American culture and the country’s political discussions. The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution gives Americans the option to remain battle ready, and about 33% of U.S. grown-ups say they by and by own a weapon. Simultaneously, President Joe Biden and other policymakers recently proposed new limitations on gun access … Read more