Best Tactical Pen in 2024 – Top 5 Tactical Pens [REVEALED]

I would guess that most of you carry a standard pen on a day to day basis, or at the very least have one nearby like in your car, backpack, etc. A regular pen is such a useful object…

However it has so many flaws.

And that’s why finding the best tactical pen could provide some benefits.

What if you could buy a pen that did all the necessary functions of your standard pen, but could give you the confidence and ability to defend yourself in emergency situations. This post will help you choose the Best Tactical Pen for your needs. 

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Tactical Pen Size Cost Rating
Smith & Wesson Military & Police Tactical Pen 6.1″ $$
Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen 5.68″ $$$
UZI Aircraft Aluminum Defender Tactical Pen 6″ $
Smith & Wesson 2nd Generation Tactical Pen 5.7″ $$
Schrade Tactical Pen 5.7″ $$

What is a tactical pen? A tactical pen is simply a heavy duty pen, typically made out of steel or titanium, that has pressurized ink that can write in almost any situation imaginable and doubles as a self defense tool! To some it may sound extreme, but think about the situations that we find ourselves in from time to time. Does someone seem to be following you and making you feel uncomfortable? Have you been in a car crash and need to get through the window to save your family? The best tactical pen can make you feel comfortable in any situation and better yet, it doesn’t even look like a weapon. It looks like a badass pen.

Military and tactical SWAT teams around the globe consider the tactical pen to be one of the most important pieces of equipment that they carry! A high quality tactical pen is a great addition to anyone’s arsenal of practical defense gadgets. 

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Considerations – Buying the Best Tactical Pen

The Best Tactical Pen doesn’t have to cost a fortune but they do range in price. In fact, tactical pens range in price from just a few dollars to well over a hundred dollars at some retail outlets. The wide price range is a function of varying qualities, features, material construction, and of course, name brands of tactical pens. We will provide you with an in depth analysis of all of the features, benefits, and uses of tactical pens. 

Quality – Best Tactical Pen

As with any product, especially one that you count on for self defense or in an emergency situation, quality is an important consideration that you should factor into buying a good tactical pen. The Best Tactical Pens are typically made out of aircraft grade aluminium, steel, or titanium as they provide the lightest and most durable construction. Quality tactical pens will be extremely durable, likely outlasting some of its users, while being light enough that you will not notice it when carrying it around. Some high quality tactical pens have stainless steel components such as a pocket clip. 

A quality tactical pen will not only save you in emergency or high risk situations, it will also not let you down when writing your name! Make sure that the quality of the ink and replacement cartridges is solid because after all, you will use this pen for writing most of the time (fingers crossed). Replacement cartridges for your tactical pen is important because some of them can be very costly to replace. I really like the Rite in the Rain cartridges that come with the Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen because you can literally write in any condition. 

Tactical pens also come with varying finishes on the body of the pen. Some are rugged and machined, while others are smooth and refined. It is really a personal preference for what type of finish you want. If you will be using the pen around the office, you may want to consider a smoother more professional tactical pen. If you don’t care, or perhaps work outdoors, then you may want a rugged tactical pen. 

Features – Best Tactical Pen 

The best tactical pens are not all made equal. Not only do the quality of tactical pens differ from model to model but there are a whole range of features that are available on tactical pens. Choosing the best tactical pen will depend on what features and self defense options that you want it to come with.

Size and Construction

The first option or feature that you will notice on all tactical pens are their different widths, lengths, and bluntness. What this means for you and self defense using your tactical pen is that the optimal width, length, and point will depend on how you plan on using it. A blunt tactical pen may be suitable for those of you who are strong and can ward off an attacker using heavy thrust whereas someone without the body strength may have trouble. In that case, a pointier tactical pen may be best suited for you as it would deter an attacker without having to use as much strength.


The next feature you should be aware of when choosing the best tactical pen is the different grip options that are available. Some feature hard core knurling which makes the tactical pen rugged however be aware that this may feel rough to the touch. The tough grip will add protection so the pen is more durable and won’t be at risk of scratching. Some tactical pen grips are smoother which offers a nicer and softer feel. If you plan to use the pen in the office, a smooth finish may be more appropriate.

Pocket Clip

The next consideration when buying a tactical pen is how you plan on carrying it. Some high quality tactical pens feature a simply but strong pocket clip. These are perfect for those of you who plan on keeping your multi-tool in your shirt pocket or clipped to the inside of your pant pocket. Word of caution. If you are going to buy a cheap tactical pen, avoid ones with pocket clips because they are likely junk. Make sure to check out the quality and construction of the pocket clip. 

Glass Breaker

Some tactical pens are mounted with a specific glass breaker. You know those tools that you see beside a fire extinguisher or inside a train, allowing you to easily break glass? This option is also available on some tactical pens and it easily allows anyone to break a pain of glass. 

Best Tactical Pen Reviews

We know why you are all here…You want detailed insight and a review of the best tactical pens! Our strategy is to introduce you to some of the hottest and best tactical pens on the market today. We will take you through their features, pros, cons, and give recommendations on the best tactical pen reviews. 

Smith & Wesson Military and Police Tactical Pen Review

The Smith & Wesson military and police style tactical pen offers solid construction with a great fit and finish. The S&W Military and Police tactical pen doesn’t just write well; it is a solid self defense tool that will make you or someone you know feel safe. Why carry a tactical pen? Well, not only does it function as a normal pen, but it can help defuse some pretty scary situations. The S&W tactical pen offers the perfect size; not too big that it isn’t comfortable and not so small that it can’t protect you from danger. The grip is comfortable yet durable and won’t wear out. The best part about living in the United States is that Amazon will ship this to your door in just a few days. Remember to do your research on the best tactical pen for you! 

I have no problem or concerns buying something from  Smith & Wesson. I’m sure you know who they are but if you don’t. They are predominantly a firearm maker but have a portfolio of other tactical products. They make solid products with a pretty darn good return policy. 

Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen Review

The Gerber Impromptu tactical pen may just be the best tactical pen on the market. Not only is the Gerber tactical pen one of the most popular, it happens to be one of our personal favorites. It features durable construction with a rugged appearance and has a pocket clip for those of you who like to keep this tactical pen on you at all times! Good for the office, good for home, good for tactical situations! It has a Rite in the Rain ink cartridge that basically works in all situations inside or out. One of my favorite parts is the built in glass-breaker tip that can get you out of pretty desperate situations. As always, made in the USA is always a plus and this Gerber Impromptu is just that.  

For your first tactical pen, you don’t have to spend a fortune. You can get a solid military or police style tactical pen for between $20 to $50. I’ll bet, once you get one, you’ll be coming back for more! They also make great gifts

UZI Aircraft Aluminum Defender Tactical Pen Review

Now I’ll bet you haven’t heard of this brand before. Uzi makes a bunch of different products including tactical flashlights, tactical pens, watches, knifes, and even stun guns! They have been around for over 60 years so I’d say they’ve managed to make a pretty reputable brand. The Uzi Aircraft Aluminum Defender tactical pen is clearly built from aircraft aluminum so it makes it a lighter option as compared to some of the heavier pens out there. It has a glass tip breaker, and is compatible with Standard and Fischer space pen refills. 

I have to admit that this is one of the cheaper pen options and comes in on the low end of the “quality” tactical pen range. But if you don’t know much about tactical pens and want an affordable option, this Uzi Aircraft Aluminum Defender tactical pen is a good option. 

Smith & Wesson 2nd Generation Tactical Pen Review

Another beauty from Smith & Wesson (SW), the 2nd Generation tactical pen has a bit of a different style as you can see from the image. It’s not for everyone because of the unique look, but this tactical pen is made from solid aircraft aluminum grade material, writes in black, and uses Schmidt P900M Parker Style Black Ball Point Pen Refill. It feels strong in the hands and comes with an affordable price tag. 

Smith & Wesson can be trusted to make pretty solid products. I recommend the brand because of the durable nature of the products and reasonable warranty. 

Schrade Tactical Pen Review

The point of this page, Buyer’s Guide – Best Tactical Pen” is to provide you with not only information about features the materials of the tactical pens on the market today but it also provides you with access to different brands of tactical pens so that you can pick the one that fits your budget. The Schrade Tactical Pen is CNC machined out of quality aircraft aluminum and note that auser a Parker ball point pen cartridge is included. Make sure to check before ordering that your tactical pen comes with the brand of cartridge that you are looking for. Another “affordable” entry level option for tactical pens, the Schrade pen is a great product. 

Best Tactical Pen Conclusion

Tactical pens offer protection from would be criminals and can break you out of very precarious situations. The best tactical pens also have to perform well as a pen. Remember to consider that all pens come with different brands of cartridges that offer different features such as being able to write in any conditions, some even under water! 

My recommendation for the best tactical pen in 2018 is the Gerber Impromptu Tactical pen. It is a solid and affordable option!