Lowers! Billet vs. Forged – What’s Best?

Billet vs. Forged

AWC offers a variety of Billet and Forged 80% AR-15 lowers, which should you choose? There’s plenty of lively discussion about the pros and cons of each. Why the difference in price? Which is strongest? Which is lightest? What grade of aluminum should you look for? The discussion and debate seems to never end. This short … Read more

Best Trail Camera Reviews

Trail Camera top rated

A trail camera, also called a game camera or camera trap, is used by hunters, wildlife observers, and researchers to accurately capture high quality images of wildlife without disturbing them. Hunters often used trail cameras to prepare for a successful hunt by surveying potential hunting areas for specific wildlife such as deer, elk, or bears. … Read more

7 Easy Ways To Teach Gun Safety For Kids

Teaching Gun Safety

One of the first and most important things we stress when starting out with guns is safety first. Even experienced shooters will go through safety protocols and check and double check their weapons. You can never be too safe when it comes to guns, especially when it comes to children. If there are guns in the … Read more