Is Using WD-40 To Clean Your Gun A Good Idea

If you are a gun owner, then you must know that taking proper care of your gun is a crucial task. There are different types of liquids available for cleaning guns, and some people even use the famous WD-40 for cleaning their guns. However, just because the masses do it does not mean you should blindly follow them.

Before you take out the can of WD-40 and start spraying it all over your gun, first, you need to know whether using WD-40 to clean your gun is a good idea or not. I have shared my personal experience with this liquid in the article below in quite a detail.

Is Using WD-40 To Clean Your Gun A Good Idea?

What Is WD-40?


Before I answer the question ‘is using WD-40 to clean your gun a good idea’ first, I need to tell you what WD-40 actually is. The WD in Wd-40 stands for Water Displacement. WD-40 is a blend of different liquids and is considered an excellent solution for getting rid of rust. The number 40 is added to the name as it took the chemist who made this solution 40 tries to have the perfect formula of the solution. This is why it is called WD-40.

What Is WD-40 Made Of?

Knowing what is in the solution WD-40 is highly important before you go spraying it all over your items and firearms. The liquid WD-40 is made from a variety of oils and chemicals. It contains a mixture of Vaseline and baby oil. Along with that, this liquid also contains some chemicals that include Decane, Nonane, Dimethyl Naphthalene, and Carbon Dioxide. The presence of Decane keeps it in liquified forms at all times, while Nonane adds water repellent traits.

Should It Be Used To Clean Guns?


While the famous solution of WD-40 is used to clean many surfaces and objects as it is excellent for removing rust, it should not be used on firearms. It is not advisable by experts to use a WD-40 solution to clean your gun. WD-40 is known for removing dirt, acting as a protectant, getting rid of stickiness and moisture; it is not suitable for any type of firearm.

Why Is It Unsuitable For Cleaning Guns?


There is not just one but three reasons as to why the solution WD-40 is not suitable for cleaning guns and other firearms. The first reason is that this is a solvent, which dissolves gunk and dirt. So, when you use it to clean your firearms, it removes the dirt and gunk from the surface. But instead of completely getting rid of all of that, it moves the dirt into the small crevices and cracks of the gun, which will result in the gun jamming up.

The second reason why using Wd-40 to clean your gun is not a good idea is that this solution does not act as a lubricant. For cleaning guns and other firearms, you need gun oil that acts as a lubricant and keeps the gun lubricated. WD-40 will not do that job; instead, it will make your gun drier.

The last reason why this solution is unsuitable for cleaning guns is that it does not have any firearms protectant qualities. For guns and other types of firearms, you need a solution that adds a layer of protection to your firearm so that it stays safe from rusting at all times.

Unfortunately, WD-40 does not possess any firearm protectant qualities, so it will not add that much-needed layer of protection. Basically, you need a solution for cleaning your guns that will keep them clean, lubricated, and protected from rusting and dirt. WD-40 does not do any of these jobs, so it is highly unsuitable to be used as a cleaner for guns and other firearms.

What Is WD-40 Ideal For?


The solution WD-40 is ideal for the times when you face corrosion or rusting on a surface or an object such as a bicycle and chains, etcetera. For these things, the solution WD-40 is great as a few sprays of this liquid will help you remove the rusting and the corrosion from the surface. In addition to that, if you have any squeaky things lying around the house, you can also use WD-40 to fix them upto some extent. Basically, this liquid is ideal for small jobs around the house.

When Should WD-40 Be Used On Guns?

If you must use WD-40 for cleaning your guns, then know that this solution is more like a quick-fix or a temporary solution to your problem. In case you drop your gun in dirty water or in gunk and need something to quickly wipe off the layer of gunk, then you may use WD-40. Otherwise, for all-time usage, this liquid is not ideal for guns.



What can I use to clean my gun?

There are different types of gun cleaning liquids and sprays available in the market that you can use to clean your gun. One of those liquids includes ‘Break-Free’, which is hands down the best spray for cleaning guns. You can also find many other liquids that are made specifically for cleaning guns.

Is it safe to use WD40 on firearms?

Using the liquid WD-40 for cleaning your gun is not a damaging or unsafe method of cleaning your gun. However, just because it is not unsafe does not mean it is advised to use this liquid for cleaning your guns. WD-40 is not made for cleaning guns; therefore, it acts as a quick fix and does not properly clean your guns.


When you buy yourself a gun, then whether you use it all the time or it sits in the safe, you need to give it proper maintenance. A critical part of maintenance is cleaning the gun properly and with suitable cleaners. Many people use WD-40 for cleaning their guns. I have shared my thoughts on this liquid’s usage for cleaning guns in the article above. I hope you find it helpful.