10 Best Bore Snake Kits 2024 – Tools for Cleaning Your Gun

Being a shooter, people generally ask me about how I maintain my gun and keep it clean and fresh? They do ask about what tool I use to clean my rifle.

So here I am explaining to them the best bore snake kits that I prefer to clean my gun whenever I use it. These bore snake kits are generally used to clean the weapon to maintain its efficiency and function quickly.

Our Pick
Hoppe's 24011D Boresnake
Best Seller
Ultimate Rifle Build Gun Snake - Reusable and Compact Gun Cleaning Rope (9mm.357.380.38cal)
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Real Avid Bore Boss Gun Cleaning System | Rapid Pull Through Barrel & Bore Cleaning Cable with...
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PRETTYGAGA Bore Cleaner Rifle Shotgun Gun Cleaning Kit for 12 GA Gauge
Hoppe's 24011D Boresnake
Ultimate Rifle Build Gun Snake - Reusable and Compact Gun Cleaning Rope (9mm.357.380.38cal)
Real Avid Bore Boss Gun Cleaning System | Rapid Pull Through Barrel & Bore Cleaning Cable with...
PRETTYGAGA Bore Cleaner Rifle Shotgun Gun Cleaning Kit for 12 GA Gauge
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Our Pick
Hoppe's 24011D Boresnake
Hoppe's 24011D Boresnake
Best Seller
Ultimate Rifle Build Gun Snake - Reusable and Compact Gun Cleaning Rope (9mm.357.380.38cal)
Ultimate Rifle Build Gun Snake - Reusable and Compact Gun Cleaning Rope (9mm.357.380.38cal)
Amazon Prime
Good Choice
Real Avid Bore Boss Gun Cleaning System | Rapid Pull Through Barrel & Bore Cleaning Cable with...
Real Avid Bore Boss Gun Cleaning System | Rapid Pull Through Barrel & Bore Cleaning Cable with...
Amazon Prime
Don't Miss
PRETTYGAGA Bore Cleaner Rifle Shotgun Gun Cleaning Kit for 12 GA Gauge
PRETTYGAGA Bore Cleaner Rifle Shotgun Gun Cleaning Kit for 12 GA Gauge

This article will summarize the four best bore snake kits that you can reliably trust when it comes to quick cleaning of the gun.

Moreover, the products mentioned below are not only available on Amazon but also highly positively reviewed and contain the features which we demand in our cleaning tool. Take a look at the buying guide and the description under this heading, as it will provide you with the information you need to know before finalizing your bore snake kit.

Best Bore Snake Kits Review

Use any of the following mentioned bore snake kits and clean up your gun quickly after use. Do not forget to keep the maintenance and cleanliness at priority as it will help make your gun last longer and stay consistently efficient in performance.

1. Hoppe’s Boresnake Viper – Boresnake Cleaning Kit

Hoppe’s Boresnake Viper

Hoppe’s Boresnake Viper kit is the most popular and highly recommended cleaning kit. It is reliable and trustworthy because it has been almost a decade since it is being used for cleaning purposes of the gun. If you are looking for something efficient and quickest in the cleaning of the guns, then this is made for you.

It is explicitly made for those who own Avid Guns, so if you are the one, go and buy this product without any second thought. Additionally, the product is effortless to use and does not contain any rocket science means you can easily use it without any complications.

Moreover, it not only cleans the gun, generally including the bore area but also can reach up to the areas where regular cleaner does not go.

Moreover, it is among those kits that come with solvent in them. You will get all of these pieces of equipment of the gear in an adequately organized case that is easy to carry and is made portable.

Furthermore, while cleaning, you will be able to keep track easily because of the presence of the caliber at the tip of the snake.

Lastly, I recommend you to buy this product because it belongs to such a reliable company which has been serving in the field of cleaning ammunition for many years.

Moreover, it is available in various caliber capacities so that you can select the compatible one with your gun. Ensure to properly check which caliber you will purchase, as it should be consistent with your rifle.

  • It comes with other cleaning products
  • Constructed in a good quality
  • Belongs to the reliable company
  • The head is not detachable


Hoppe’s Boresnake Viper kit is the oldest and the most reliable equipment you can use to clean the barrels. It not only contains the best bore snake in it, but it comes with other cleaning products such as solvents as well. It uses good quality construction material to make the product useful for longer times.

Moreover, it comes in a different caliber, so you can select the one that matches your requirement.

2. Ultimate Gun Bore Cleaner Kit – Bore Snake Gun Cleaning Kit

Ultimate Gun Bore Cleaner Kit

This is specifically created for those who use guns daily. Because it is inexpensive and efficient in cleaning the bore of the weapon, you can reliably buy this product again and again for cleaning purposes.

Moreover, it is generally quick in cleaning, so it is time-saving for the user.

Furthermore, the wonders it does to your gun include cleaning everything related to mess such as dirt, grimes, and residue. This Ultimate Gun Bore Cleaner Kit is considered the most positively reviewed boresnake kit that works efficiently and quickly to clean many ammunitions.

Last but not least, it is not explicitly for guns, but you can reliably use this product for cleaning of the revolvers, rifles, and other ammunitions too. Lastly, it is designed in a reusable form that means you can use it hundreds of times reliably. Make sure you wash it properly before reusing it.

Furthermore, the bore snake in this boresnake kit is easy to clean and is also machine washable.

  • Easy to clean and wash
  • Quick and efficient in functioning
  • It can easily be reused
  • Gets stuck in the bore


Ultimate Gun Bore Cleaner Kit is labeled as number one in best-selling at Amazon. It is said to be the easiest to use and quickest one among all others on the list. This boresnake kit is designed in a compact state, making it easy to carry from one place to another.

Moreover, you can reuse this product again and again but make sure to wash it properly before reusing it.

3. Real Avid Bore Boss – Gun Cleaning Bore Snake

Real Avid Bore Boss

This Real Avid Bore Boss is made for those who own various types of guns at a time. If you have so many pistols with you, you must be having so many bore snakes for the cleaning of them as each bore snake is specific in its usage.

This may make you confused about which bore snake is for which gun. To make your specification clearer and more accessible, the Real Avid produced this Bore Snake Boss kit is ideal, which comes with the case for each bore snake to make the identification easier.

In this way, you would not be able to forget about the specification of the caliber. So I will recommend this for those with so many handguns and rifles. The unique thing about this bore snake is that you are not required to push it when you enter it in the bore. Once you enter, it goes forward into the bore on its own.

Furthermore, it is designed in a small and compact structure, which means you can reliably store it in your bag.

Moreover, the design and use of this bore snake is more straightforward and unique, which makes it more in demand among hunters and shooters for the cleaning purposes of their weapons. This bore snake kit is highly positively reviewed by many users because of being easy to use and efficient in functioning.

  • Effortless to use
  • Compact to store
  • Innovative and unique design
  • Highly specific for every bore


It is highly recommended for those who are looking for easy-to-handle bore snakes.

Furthermore, it is effortless to use and compact to store. Being highly recommended and highly positively reviewed by the users, it is selected in our top-four selection.

The designing and casing of this kit is done in an innovative and high specificity, which means that you can easily distinguish which bore snake is for which weapon by simply looking at their case.

4. PRETTYGAGA Bore Cleaner – Rifle Shotgun Gun Cleaning Kit


Being inexpensive and affordable, this bore cleaner kit is highly recommended and explicitly preferred for beginners. The product is very convenient to use without any hassle. What you need to do is to drop the snake and pull with little external effort. One single pulling of this bore snake is necessary for thorough cleaning of the barrel.

The bronze brush, which is firmly embedded in the bore snake, is enough to remove the stubborn and hard stains in the barrel area of the gun.

Furthermore, this is a nylon bore snake that absorbs the gun cleaning solvent quickly and efficiently cleans the barrel. This means it is effortless to use and reliable for those who clean their gun daily as it will not make them tired.

Moreover, the product is lightweight and compact, and structured, which means you can easily store it in your gun bag or your handbag when moving from one place to another. Additionally, you can rely on this bore snake cleaning kit because it is also made for reusing. You can easily wash it either by your hand or machine and reuse it next time you want to clean your gun.

  • Affordable and inexpensive
  • Easy to wash
  • Effortless to use
  • Quality isn’t upto the demand


PRETTYGAGA Bore Cleaner Rifle Shotgun Gun Cleaning Kit is affordable and reliable. It is easy to wash and is also machine washable, so you can reuse it when in need. This product is effortless to use and does not involve any rocket science. These features make it highly recommended and ideal for beginners.

Guide To Pick The Best Bore Snake Kits

Best Bore Snake Kits

The following details will let you know about the specs that you should find in the bore snake kit you are looking to purchase. As you want your product to serve you for longer times, you should consider it thoroughly before finalizing it for buying.

Size In Width

Look for what size of gun you have and select the bore snake kit according to that. The bore snake should fit in perfection inside your barrel. It should not be too loose as in such cases, it will not perfectly clean the barrel and should not be too tight that it can break inside the barrel.

It should be adequately accurate in size so that it stays connected with the barrel’s walls to make sure it is cleaning the barrel properly without skipping any part. So make sure to look for the width of the bore snake and then buy it.

Length Of The Bore Snake

Consider the length of the bore snake before purchasing it because in case the bore snake you are purchasing is not long, it will not come out of the other side of the barrel once you put it inside it. In such conditions, it will not properly clean the barrel.

Moreover, keep this factor in mind if you own an extended or an aftermarket barrel. Consider the length of the barrel and then select the bore snake, which should be 1 to 2 inches longer than the length of the barrel.

Quality Of The Construction

Do not ignore the quality of the construction of the bore snake you are purchasing. This is important because if you have purchased the wrong bore snake or the bore snake is of poor quality, then it may leave its pieces inside the barrel that will affect the gun’s functioning.

So keep in mind to buy the quality constructed bore snake to make sure it serves you for longer times and in a better way.

Moreover, the quality check is also essential because poor quality bore snake can may cause damage to the rifle.

Removal And Detaching Of The Brush And Rope

Look for the bore snake kit in which the brushes of the bore snake are removable, and the rope is detachable. These two features will not only increase the durability of the bore snake but will also help you in the cleaning of the bore snake more appropriately.

So before finalizing your bore snake, make sure to look for the one in which the brushes are easily removable, and the rope is detachable.


Best Bore Snake Kits

Will a bore snake scratch barrel?

No, the bore snake will not scratch the barrel or damage your gun in any way. It does not matter what brand and what model you select. They are not designed to affect your weapon adversely. There are some limitations that you have to keep in mind using a bore snake while cleaning your barrel.

To make sure the bore snake does not affect the barrel in a negative way, you should have to use the eligible oils, solvents, and cleaners with your bore snake. If you are using the bore snake correctly, then it is said to be the best, quickest, and cheapest way of cleaning the barrel efficiently.

What is the primary function of the bore snake kit?

The primary function of the bore snake kit is to clean the barrel after you shoot. After every fire, there is some amount of carbon residue that is left behind inside the barrel.

You should clean it, and using a bore snake for its cleaning is an ideal tool. So these bore snake kits are used to clean the barrel thoroughly to make sure the trajectory of the following bullet is not affected.

Moreover, it also improves and enhances the accuracy of the shooting.

Best Bore Snake Kits

Can you put gun oil on a bore snake?

Yes, you can use a reliable and compatible gun oil with a bore snake. Putting some amount of gun oil on a bore snake and cleaning your barrel with it will clean it more cleanly and neatly.

But always keep in mind that there will be some residue of oil left behind after you tend the barrel with the bore snake and oil. So for proper and more adequate cleaning, make sure to clean the barrel again with some simple wiping at the end of using the bore snake.

Can you reuse a bore snake?

Yes, you can reuse a bore snake around three to four times. But make sure to reuse them after washing them soon after the usage. It is not a big deal if you can quickly clean them with your hands or can put them in the washing machine for thorough cleaning if they are machine washable.

Keep in mind, you correctly follow the steps and use the cleaning agents that are allowed to be used for the cleaning of the bore snakes to maintain their quality and durability.

Final Thoughts

Since bore snake kits are used to enhance the quality and durability of your guns, you need to select the most appropriate products. You should focus on all the necessary specifications mentioned above under the heading of the buying guide to ensure you are buying the best outcome.

I have tried to make it easy for you while searching for the best bore snake by mentioning the top four kits I have used and the best ones among all others available in the market. So make sure to consider the products mentioned above and then select the one you think would be best suitable for your weapon.

As a reviewer, I will suggest you buy,

  • Hoppe’s Boresnake Viper kit as it comes with other cleaning products too. All of the tools are constructed in quality construction and offer easiness in usage.

If these weren’t enough, check out some other picks from Amazon also:

EZshoot 2 PCS Bore Cleaner .22 223 5.56 9mm, Gun Cleaning Kit, Bore Rope for Rifle Pistol Shotgun,...
  • 【EXCELLENT QUALITY】The gun cleaning kit made of sturdy material, high-quality stitching, not easy to be tear. Precise size and perfectly tight...
  • 【EASY & QUICK TO USE】Barrel cleaner is a one pass solution, gun bore rope uses an integrated bronze brush to scrub out carbon fouling, while the...
  • 【ABSORB SOLVENT】The nylon bore rope absorbs gun cleaning brush solvent well and there is no exposed metal to damage sensitive rifling or crown.
  • 【REUSABLE】The bore cleaning kit can be washed by machine and reused hundreds of times.
  • 【MULTIPLE MODELS AVAILABLE】No matter the firearm, there is a bore cleaner kit that will clean it. Please confirm your caliber before buying.
Clenzoil Three Gun Cobra Bore Cleaning Combo Kit | .223 Cal 5.56mm | .357 Cal .38 Cal 9mm | 12 Gauge...
  • COMBO KIT | 1 oz. Needle Oiler, 2 oz. Sprayer, Cobra Bore Cleaner (3 Sizes), Brush, Microfiber Towel
  • COBRA | The Integrated Bronze Brush Loosens Fouling, and the Woven Cotton Braid Collects Debris
  • CLP | Cleaner, Lubricant, and Protectant in One. Apply with Precision Needle Oiler or Pump Sprayer
  • TOOLS | Includes Everything you Need for Quality Maintenance of any 9mm Pistol, 5.56mm Rifle & 12 Ga Shotgun
  • ALL INCLUSIVE | Complete Gun Cleaning Kit with Oil and Cleaner, Firearms Cleaning Brush and More!
New Gun Snake Cleaner Gun Cleaning Kits Bore Rope .17 Cal 17HMR .177 for Rifle, Pistol & Shotgun Gun...
  • 【GUN BORE CLEANING】Gun bore rope is not only easy to carry and can be easily put into your pocket, but also helps for a deep clean.
  • 【ALL CLEAN IN ONE】 This snake is a single piece design with a bronze brush and a braided mop. The cleaning rope is an all in one bore cleaning...
  • 【DURABLE MATERIAL】Gun bore cleaning made from a high density nylon material which environmental friendly and can be used repeatedly. The end of...
  • 【EASY TO USE】Cleans in 1 quick pass with Bore Gun-Snake, the copper bristles clean the wet barrel and then the dry end of the snake cleans and...
  • 【WASHABLE AND REUSEABLE】Bore cleaner can be washed which has no exposed metal to damage the rifling or crown of your barrel. It’s great for a...
Gun Snake, Rifle Shotgun Gun Cleaning Kit for .30 Cal .308 30-06 .300 .303 & 7.62mm, 2 Pack
  • The gun snakes made of sturdy and high-quality material, not easy being broken.
  • Precise and suitable sizes into the weapon, providing a great cleaning effect.
  • Muti-choices provided, you can choose what you need.
Gogoku 2Pack Bore Rope Brush Gun Cleaner Cleaning Snakes, Barrel Snake Rifle Shotgun for .223 &...
  • 【Package Included】Package included two cleaner, one is fit for .308 30-06 .300 .303 & 7.62mm, another is fit for .223/5.56mm
  • 【Easy to Use】Cleans in 1 quick pass with cleaner! Pre-scrub solution can be applied first, Brushes then scrub the barrel; cleaning cloth...
  • 【Lightweight and Compact】Easy to take, fits easily into your pocket, to assure it's always ready
  • 【Effectively Cleaning】With multiple short brushes embedded in the floss pass easily through the shortest action or port
  • 【Quick Cleaner】 This bore cleaner allows you to mount a bore brush directly to the cleaner itself, which allows for greater flexibility in...
Tipton Nope Ropes – 9mm Pull Through Bore Ropes with End to End Connection and Case for Firearm...
  • SPECS: 9mm Nope Rope
  • DIMENSIONS: 24" L x 2" W x 0.5" D and 0.2 lbs
  • DESIGN: The patent pending bearing system allows the user to connect the ends and pull the rope through the barrel multiple times without the need for...
  • INCLUDES: A convenient mess-free storage case
  • AVAILABLE: Offered in .22 cal, 9mm, .30 cal, .40 cal, .45 cal, 6mm, 6.5mm, 7mm, 12 gauge, and 20 gauge
9mm Gun Bore Snake Cleaning Brushes Universal Gun Cleaning Kits Set for Pistol Rifle Caliber...
  • 【ALL-IN-ONE】:Universal gun cleaning kit used for all types of shooting guns, rifles and pistol cleaning. All you need to clean common caliber guns...
  • 【GUN CLEANING SUPPLIES INCLUDES】:2pcs of gun snakes, 3 double ended brushes, 50pcs of dust-free cleaning patches, 200pcs of cleaning swabs and a...
  • 【REUSABLE GUN SNAKES】:Our gun cleaning kit includes 2 gun snakes: .22 Cal .223 Cal.& 5.56mm and .38 Cal.357 Cal .380 Cal& 9mm,very compack...
  • 【DOUBLE ENDED CLEANING BRUSHES】:1 Double-ended brass brush, 1 Double-ended stainless steel brush,1 Double-ended nylon brush.Each brush has a large...
  • 【100% SATISFACTORY AFTER-SALES SERVICE】: Ready to solve your problems at any time and will not let you down.