Shooting Tips for How To Shoot A Gun Accurately

When it comes to shooting a gun it can be a lot of fun. It can also be hard if you want to shoot a gun and actually hit your target. Knowing how to shoot a gun and knowing how to shoot a gun accurately is different.

For some, shooting a gun is not as natural for others. It may take you some time and practice to learn how to shoot a gun accurately and hit your intended target more often than not. Luckily there is advice all over the place from experts and gun enthusiasts alike, on how to properly shoot a gun. If you want to learn how to shoot a gun better, here are 6 easy shooting tips for how to shoot any gun accurately.

Easy Shooting Tips for How To Shoot A Gun Accurately

Tip 1: Have A Good Shooting Stance

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to learning how to shoot a gun properly is to have a good, strong shooting stance. Without a strong stance, it is going to be very difficult to learn how to shoot a gun accurately. A shooting stance is the proper start to shooting any gun.

There are many different shooting stances out there in the gun world. The key is finding one that works for your. Try a couple of different stances before selecting one, and make sure to practice proper stance technique every time you shoot. Having a good, strong stance will for sure help you with your shooting accuracy. .

Tip 2: Shooting A Gun You Feel Comfortable With

Whether it be a shotgun or handgun, you are going to want to find a gun you are comfortable with. If shotguns have too much kick for you and you are constantly struggling to manage the force, you are not going to be able to get an accurate shot off. Start with a gun that you feel comfortable shooting and a gun that you feel is manageable.

Shooting a gun you are comfortable with will make it so you do not have to focus on managing so many different things when you shoot. Once you have become an accurate shooter with a gun you are comfortable with you can start trying other guns. It is good to have a strong base though. Before moving to tougher guns, knowing how to shoot a gun accurately with one that makes you comfortable is smart.

Tip 3: Know Which Is Eye Is Your Dominate Eye

When it comes to shooting knowing which eye is your dominate eye will help you a lot. By knowing which eye is dominant, you will know which eye you should use for for aiming with. There are many shooters out there who use their weaker eye to aim unknowingly, and it affects their accuracy.

If you don’t know which eye is your dominant eye here is a quick way to determine it:

  1. With your hands stretched out in front of you, form a triangle.
  2. Center the triangle over something – door knob, light switch, mark on the wall.
  3. Close your right eye. If the item remains in the middle, you are left eye dominant.
  4. Close your left eye. If the item remains, you are right eye dominant.

Once you know your dominant eye, make sure to use that eye when taking aim with your gun.

Tip 4: Dry Fire

A lot of experts recommend dry firing in order to improve shot accuracy. Dry firing while effective, can oftentimes be boring. However, the effectiveness of the drill outweighs the boringness of it. Dry firing is when you practice your shot without ammunition in your weapon.

Dry firing allows you to practice at home, when you do not have time to go to the range (triple check your gun is not loaded before doing this). Dry firing also makes it so you improve you shooting, without using any ammo. With dry firing you do not have the distraction of the bullet, so you are able to focus on the fundamentals of shooting. Practicing fundamentals over and over without distraction will help improve your accuracy.

Tip 5: Trigger Control

A lot of beginners do not understand the importance of trigger control when it comes to perfecting their shot. Trigger control is very important though. The idea behind trigger control, is that when you shoot your gun, you don’t yank the trigger. You want to pull the trigger smoothly. When you do not have control of your trigger you can risk moving the whole gun when you take a shot, and in turn missing your target.

When you have learned to how smoothly pull the trigger back, you do not risk moving your gun, therefore you can hit your target more accurately. Some experts recommend dry firing, as mentioned in Tip 4, as a way to practice trigger control.

Tip 6: Practice, But Do Not Push It

The saying practice makes perfect rings true when it comes to shooting. The more you practice, the better of a shot you will become. However, this is only true when you are practicing effectively. Every shooter has days where they just seem in a rut or can not get a good shot off. On these days sometimes it is better to go home and try another day, then to continue shooting poorly.

Shooting poorly can affect you psychologically by instilling in your head that “you can’t do it”. Shooting poorly can also affect you physically. The reason you may be shooting poorly is because your stance is off, or your trigger pull is a little rough. By continuing to practice the WRONG way you are only hurting yourself.

Sometimes stepping away for the day is better than continuing your practice. It allows you to reset and get back on track. It allows you to stop doing things wrong and take time to figure out what you are doing wrong

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to properly shoot a gun so you hit your target more frequently will make shooting more fun! Being good at what you are doing always makes for a better time. If you follow these 6 easy shooting tips, and practice them often, you will know how to shoot a gun better in no time!