There are a range of different types of gun holsters, it just depends on what you are looking for. If you are not sure what you want, or you do not know much about holster options, research is always a smart idea. Here is a great list explaining the different types of gun holsters.

Different Types of Gun Holsters

Belt Holster: Outside the Waistband:

With this holster your gun attaches to your belt and your gun is positioned on the outside of your pants. The way the holster attaches to your belt will depend on the specific holster.

This type of holster is popular because it allows for a quick draw, which is important in an emergency situation. It is also a very comfortable way to carry a gun.

Downside: Since your gun in on the outside of your pants, if you want to keep it concealed you will need to wear a long sleeve shirt or jacket over the holster and gun to hide it.  Some people do not like the inconvenience of having to wear certain clothes to keep their gun hidden.

Belt Holster: Inside the Waistband:

This type of gun holster attaches to your belt, like the holster listed above. However, instead of resting on the outside of your pants, it fits between your body and the inside of your pants. This holster allows for your gun to be more hidden. You do not have to worry as much about using a shirt to hide your gun and holster.

Downside: Some people find this way of carrying not very comfortable. You also have to make sure to pull your clothes away when you draw your gun.

Shoulder Holster:

Shoulder holsters wrap over your shoulders and around your back. Your gun rests under your arm, on one side of your body, and a spare magazine can be held in the same place on the other side of your body. In order to conceal this holster you wear a suit jacket or some other sort of coat. Many gun users like this holster because it is comfortable to wear.

Downside: You have to wear a suit jacket or coat at all times to keep your holster and gun concealed. A lot of ranges also prohibit this style of holster, which makes it harder for you to practice your draw.

Ankle Holster:

If you have a smaller handgun, an ankle holster mind be the holster for you. This holster usually has a wide strap that has a holster packet attached to it. You usually have your gun facing the inside of your leg when using this holster. This holster is great because it is easy to conceal a gun here. Some people like using an ankle holster to carry a backup gun, in case they are ever in dangerous situations

Downside: Some do not like the inconvenience of the location of this holster. The ankle is not the easiest place to make a quick draw. It also, is not as easy to carry a larger gun on your ankle, so your gun choices are limited. Both these reasons are why an ankle holster is often used as a backup.

Clothing Holster:

Clothing holsters are pieces of clothing that have holsters sewn into them. You can buy shirts and pants with built in holsters. You can also find jackets and vests with the same build ins. When it comes to different types of gun holsters, clothing holsters are liked because of their excellent concealment; it is hard to detect someone carrying a gun with these holsters.

Downside: A quick draw is not very possible with these holsters. Since your gun is contained in your clothes, it is much harder to get to. In addition, if your clothing holster is in a vest or a jacket you really can’t take either off during the day, or at the very least you have to keep it close to you.

Purse Holster:

There are purses that are available that have holsters built into them. You also have the option of buying a holster that is designed to be carried in a normal purse. Having a purse holster is a lot safer than just putting a gun loosely into a random purse, where the trigger is exposed.

Purse holsters are convenient in the sense that you do not have to worry about what you are wearing in order to conceal your gun.

Downside: With this type of holster your gun is not actually ON you. You have to pay careful attention to where you put your purse so other people, particularly kids, do not have access to your gun. You also will not have as quick of a draw, like with other holsters.

Pocket Holster:

Pocket holsters usually are placed in the front pocket of your pants, or in a coat jacket. If you plan on carrying a gun in your pocket you definitely will need one of these. It is very unsafe to loosely carry your gun in a pocket.

Pocket holsters offer really great concealment. If people do notice the outline of the holster, it is very often presumed to be a wallet of some sort, not a firearm. Pocket holsters are usually pretty comfortable as well. They do not restrict you, like some holsters. These holsters are not that expensive, which is also a plus!

Downside: It is hard to use a pocket holster with a larger handgun. You really are limited to very small firearms if you choose this type of holster.

Final Thoughts

As you can see there are tons of different types of gun holsters to choose from. All of the different gun holster types have their own benefits and downfalls. A lot of what you choose will come down to your own personal preference. Hopefully this list of 7 gun holster types will help narrow down which gun holster is right for you.