10 Best Gun Cleaning Mats for Rifles & Pistols 2023 – Protect Your Table

Gun cleaning mats are something that have become necessary for every gun owner. Not only is the shooting important, but the cleanliness of the gun is also very essential for the maintenance of the supremacy in its performance.

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Since cleaning the weapon is not neat work and can create a visible mess, I have come up with a solution that will help you clean and provide you with the space to put solvents, grease, oil, and other accessories while cleaning the gun. Yes, the cleaning mats. Since I have experienced cleaning the weapon, it sometimes becomes messy and can create havoc for you.

One of my friends told me to use the gun mats for cleaning purposes, and I am here explaining to you the four best gun cleaning mats. These can reliably be used to maintain the excellent neatness of the cleaning area while cleaning the ammunition. Make sure you go through the details very keenly and attentively to be able to select the best product.

List of the best gun cleaning mats

  1. Real Avid Smart Mat – Best Gun Cleaning Mat
  2. TekMat Ultra Rifle Gun Cleaning Mat – Best Budget Pistol Cleaning Mat
  3. GLORY FIRE Gun Cleaning Mat – Best Anti-slip Handgun Cleaning Mat
  4. YFEEX Gun Cleaning Mat Pad – Best Oil-Resistant Gun Cleaning Mat

Moreover, a buying guide will let you know about specific features that you should focus on before purchasing the best gun cleaning mat.

Best Gun Gun Maintenance Mats For Shooters

Here is the list of the best gun cleaning mats that you can use to protect your ammunition and the cleaning surface during the cleaning of the rifles and pistols.

1. Real Avid Smart Mat – Best Gun Cleaning Mat

Real Avid Smart Mat

Although the name of the brand Real Avid is enough for the reader to buy the product, I will elaborate on some of the features and specifications in detail to ensure you are satisfied before purchasing. With 19×16 inches of size, this cleaning mat provides you with vast space to put your ammunition and clean it without any area congestion.

The innovative and premium feature of the mat lies in its design that contains the channels on the surface of the mat, ensuring the automatic catching of the dirt and debris from the guns.

Moreover, the back of this mat is non-slip in its nature which allows once you put it on the surface of the cleaning area, it will not slip and will not move in any case.

Furthermore, this cleaning mat consists of two organizers on the sides of it that will help the users in keeping the tools in hand’s reach so they can quickly hold them in need. In this way, his time will not be wasted searching for the tools and accessories. The mat itself is easy to wipe out because of its construction and is liquid-resistant, so we can say that no liquid will drop down and reach towards the ground.

  • Easy to clean
  • Contains tool organizer
  • Fix on the surface
  • It doesn’t lay flat


This 19×16 inches size is ideal for handling and cleaning many different sizes of guns. It automatically fixes itself on the surface of the ground, ensuring that it does not slip in any case.

This gun cleaning mat contains a tool organizer at its sides to make sure you can quickly put the tools in it while cleaning the gun. This will help you get them back whenever you want without misplacing them.

2. TekMat Ultra Rifle Gun Cleaning Mat – Best Budget Pistol Cleaning Mat

TekMat Ultra Rifle Gun Cleaning Mat

TekMat Ultra Rifle Gun Cleaning Mat is the largest, full-size mat made using non-absorbent synthetic rubber.

This mat is constructed in a thick and relatively heavier design to ensure it does not slip once it is laid down on the ground or surface, where you are cleaning your gun. As it is a full-size mat, you can use it for cleaning the various sizes of the guns, including rifles, pistols, handguns, and shotguns.

Moreover, it is constructed and designed in a way that protects your rifle from getting scratches or any other kind of damage. So it is highly recommended in case you own a costly gun. With non-slip rubber, you will not experience any slippage on the mat as it automatically gets fixed on the surface you are cleaning.

Furthermore, this gun cleaning mat is not only ideal for cleaning the guns and rifles, but it is also straightforward to clean. You can easily wipe out any dirt and debris from the mat to make it reusable again.

Since it is non-absorbent in nature, it is said to be highly reliable in protecting the oils and solvents to penetrate down towards the surface of the cleaning area.

  • Large-sized
  • Thick
  • Effortless to clean
  • Not waterproof


TekMat Ultra Rifle Gun Cleaning Mat is an oversized and thick mat constructed using non-absorbent synthetic rubber. The mat is designed so that it gets fixed on the surface of the cleaning area and does not slip.

Moreover, this mat itself is very easy to clean and does not take much of your time and effort in cleaning.

3. GLORYFIRE Gun Cleaning Mat – Handgun Cleaning Mat

GLORY FIRE Gun Cleaning Mat

With high-quality construction, this GLORY FIRE Gun Cleaning Mat is another non-slip and premium mat that you can reliably use for holding ammunition on its surface while cleaning.

It not only helps you in protecting your work surface from getting scratches from the weapon but also protects the guns from getting cracks or damages while cleaning.

To provide outstanding protection against wear and tear, the mat is constructed thickly to help you clean your gun safely and securely. Providing your gun a soft surface to lay on during cleaning also enables the user to enjoy anti-fatigue cleaning of the weapon.

Moreover, the design in the form of raised channels on the mat’s surface helps in appropriate draining of the oils and solvent in case they have fallen on the mat. It also contains a separate area for holding tools and accessories while cleaning to make sure you can get them whenever you want during cleaning.

  • Quick drainage of the liquids
  • Affordable and inexpensive
  • Anti-slip designing
  • Peels off


This gun cleaning mat is designed to provide maximum drainage surface for the oils and solvents. It contains a separate area for holding tools, so you will get them when in need. The product is affordable and inexpensive and is constructed using quality material.

Moreover, it also helps protect the work surface from getting scratches by the weapon.

4. YFEEX Gun Cleaning Mat Pad – Extra Large Gun Cleaning Mat

YFEEX Gun Cleaning Mat Pad

If you prefer buying a durable material, I recommend you go with this YFEEX Gun Cleaning Mat Pad. This is because it is highly versatile in its functioning and is designed with quality material.

With proper care, it will last longer than regular mats. You can reliably buy it and use it for longer times for cleaning purposes of the ammunition.

This mat is strong in its construction and is made using non-slip rubber. This non-slip rubber is responsible for giving the mat a perfect base that will hold onto the surface tightly and will not let the weapon slip in any case. The waterproofness of the mat helps in drainage of the water quickly without getting absorbed.

Moreover, it is also oil-resistant that ultimately makes it easy to clean after use.

Furthermore, this mat is printed with a computerized guide that will help you learn the parts of the gun.

Moreover, its versatility makes it appropriate for use as a mouse pad or a computer pad. This means you can buy this one product and use it for various purposes.

  • Highly versatile
  • Waterproof and oil resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Small size


YFEEX Gun Cleaning Mat Pad is a gun cleaning mat that is highly versatile and can serve you for various purposes. It is both waterproof and oil-resistant that making it easy to clean since it is non-slip in construction, so it ensures that the mat firmly fixes and stays on the cleaning surface during cleaning.

Guide To Pick The Best Gun Cleaning Mats for Rifles & Pistols

Some of the essential features mentioned below should be present in your gun cleaning mat to make it worth purchasing. Focus on these features before finalizing your mat, as the gun cleaning mat with these features will serve you throughout cleaning in the best possible way.

Thickness Of The Mat

Do not forget to consider the mat’s thickness as the durability and longevity of the mat generally depend on its thickness. You should focus on the thickness before finalizing your gun cleaning mat because it will provide you with a solid base to hold your gun and will add to the non-slip properties of the mat.

Moreover, thick mats are water-resistant and are comparatively easier to clean than thinner ones.

Procedure Of Cleanliness Of The Mat Itself

Always consider the procedure of cleanliness of the mat itself before finalizing your gun cleaning mat. This is an important feature to focus on before getting your gun cleaning mat because cleaning the dirty mats after every time you use them is necessary to maintain their functioning and durability.

If you do not clean them after every time you use them, there would be some residue left on them, and that will cause scratching or can damage the weapons the very next time you use that mat.

So make sure to consider the procedure of cleanliness of the mat as if the mat is easy to clean, you will clean it after every time you use it. Consider the mat, which is easy and quick in cleaning.

Flexibility For Storage

Look for the area where you will store the mat after use. This is another essential factor to focus on before finalizing your gun cleaning mat because you want to keep it in a secure place as you will be using it again.

Look for a mat that is flexible enough to roll on since it will be time-saving and space-saving for you. So focus on the flexibility of the mat before buying it.


Real Avid Universal Smart Mat

Is a gun cleaning mat necessary?

Although gun cleaning mats are not very important for gun owners, they are still good. While cleaning, you must have observed the drops of oils and solvents on the floor messing and annoying you as they look dirty.

To avoid such situations, a gun cleaning mat works as a savior for those who are a freak of neatness and cleanliness.

How to select the best gun cleaning mat from so many options available?

Selecting the best gun cleaning mat is not difficult as you have to look for specific features. Look for the mat, which is larger in size and thicker in construction, as it will provide you with enough space to put every measure of the weapon on it.

Do not forget to look for the procedure of cleanliness of the mat itself. And always make sure you are buying a quality product since it has to serve you for longer times.

The Real Avid Universal Smart Mat

Why is it necessary to clean the gun mat every time you use it?

Cleaning the gun cleaning mat after using it is essential to maintain efficiency and durability. Since you clean your gun by placing it on the top of the mat, it means your mat will get dirtier and messier after its use. So to maintain its cleanliness, you need to clean the mat after every use.

Moreover, when there is residue on the cleaning mat from the previous cleaning of the gun, they may scratch and damage the weapon if you reuse the dirty mat.

Final Thoughts

To buy the best gun cleaning mat, you need to focus on the specific features mentioned above.

Moreover, to make your search for the best mats easier, I have concluded the top 4 best gun cleaning mats that you can use for various sizes of guns and rifles. All of these selected mats are thick and are qualitatively constructed.

Furthermore, you can buy them online as they are available on Amazon. Make sure to read the description mentioned above to ensure you know everything about the gun cleaning mats and can buy the best product either from the list given above or by looking at the features mentioned in the buying guide above.

As a reviewer, I will recommend you to buy:

  • Real Avid Smart Mat, as this product belongs to a very reliable company and is significant to handling various guns. This mat itself is easy to clean and wipe for reusing purposes.

Take a look at the following list: