The Science of Stun Guns & Tasers and How To Use Them Safely 2024

In recent times, on the Internet, more and more topics can be found that include insufficient security for ladies, but above all insufficient security in general for everyone. All of this turns on the alarm and from here begins the consideration of options, that is, of solutions in terms of security when you move on the street or dark places that are considered the most unsafe. The number one solution is always electric guns, better known as stun guns or teasers, which are also a variant of electric devices that can distract the intruder from you. Do you know what stun guns and tasers are? Do you know how to use them safely? If not, it might be time to learn.

Electric stun guns and tasers have become increasingly popular in recent years as self-defense tools because they can be an excellent defense and protection in moments when you are alone in dark parts of the city and you are afraid that someone will attack you. As we have already said above, a large number of people have been attacked in the past period, and that is why there is more and more talk about these defense tools such as pink taser, which you can see if you visit this site. However, before using one of these devices, it is important to understand the science behind them. This article will outline the basics of stun guns and tasers, as well as their uses and safety precautions, but also when to use them, and how and where to keep them. 

Sometimes safety requires us to take care of ourselves in order to be safe and stress-free while navigating the streets. That’s why it’s good to familiarize yourself with these electric guns and electric gadgets that will help you be safer while you’re outdoors in unpredictable parts of the city. So let’s see together what you need to know in order to stay safe. Let’s get started! 

How are these devices used for greater user security?


We’re sure some of you don’t know how to use these devices, so we’re here today to tell you more about them. Wondering how these harmless electric shock add-ons work? These devices have a system in them that causes the shocks, and all the victim of the attack needs to do is to have the device close to him and position it on a sensitive part of the victim’s body in order to deliver a sudden counterattack to the attacker. It is important to position yourself on a sensitive part of the body, preferably on one of the muscles, so that the victim is prevented from attacking you again, and you can escape.  

Which is better to choose, a taser or a stun gun?

When it comes to something like this that needs to give you security and safety, you need to always choose the best. And what is the best that you can choose for yourself? Many of you are wondering whether it is better to choose a taser or a stun gun. It is best to draw a parallel. They are very similar, but still not the same in effect. It is important to choose something that will give a good effect on the situation. The taser is what you need, because if you position this device in a sensitive place, that is, a muscle, the victim will not be able to move from the pain, and this is an advantage for you because you will be able to run away and save yourself from the incident.

Can you cause injury with these two devices?


This is something that on the one hand also interests a large number of people who would like to opt for a taser or stun gun, but on the other hand, scares them. We tell you not to be afraid because this device is harmless and this device can only cause momentary pain. Exactly! This device cannot hurt, injure or kill anyone. This device only creates pain, which is initially a shock to the attacker, and then the inability to attack you again or catch up with you while you are running away. So it would be good to have such a device with you.

Is it illegal to own a taser or stun gun as a self-defense device?

In most cases, it is illegal to possess any type of weapon or object that you can use to harm or injure someone, but not to defend yourself. These two devices are intended for self-defense at times when you are weak compared to the attacker, so you do not need to be afraid. There is no need to fear as both the taser and the stun gun are items that in most countries of the world are considered self-defense items in situations where you are powerless, but it is still good to check. Of course, it is good to consult a lawyer or look at the laws and regulations of your country in order not to make a problem for yourself. Of course, it is important to have such an item if it is all legally allowed because safety is the most important thing. 

It is best to keep this device in an easy-to-reach place


If you are already convinced that you need a taser or a stun gun, then it is important to know how and where to position the device. The device must be within your reach, i.e. somewhere close where you can easily grab it and use it. In moments of the attack, it is important to react quickly, and for that very reason, we suggest that you, first of all, have such a device with you (this is especially true for ladies), but keep in mind that this device needs to be close to your hands, i.e. within reach so that you can use it in the moment of attack.


Now that you have all the important information you need, it’s time to find your taser or stun gun and be safer on the go. It is important to act on your outdoor safety on time because today only you can give yourself the best safety.