Best Scope for 17 HMR in 2023 – Top 6 Best 17 HMR scopes

Are you interested in buying a new scope for your 17 hmr?

You’ve come to the right place for the best 17 hmr scope!

These 17 hmr scopes have come a long way and we will show you how to get the best bang for your buck in 2023. 

Top 6 Best .17 HMR Scopes

  1. Vortex Crossfire 2-7x32mm
  2. Nikon Buckmasters II 3-9x40mm
  3. Leupold VX-1 3-9x50mm
  4. Nikon Prostaff 3-9x40mm
  5. Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn 3-9x42mm
  6. BSA Sweet 17 3-12x40mm

We have reviewed some of the best (and worst) scopes on the market today and have provided our expert analysis!

Through lots of testing and researching, we he narrowed down our list of scopes for the .17 hmr to our Top 6! It wasn’t easy and took a really long time so hopefully you end up finding what you are looking for!

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Best Rifle Scopes for .17 HMR in 2023 – Top 6

These .17 hmr optics aren’t for everyone. Some are a little more than others and getting the right rifle scope for you is all dependent on how you intend to put it to use. 

What I do know, is that based on my review, these are the Top 6 and best scopes for the .17 hmr and for various reasons that I will explain later

17 HMR Scopes Rating
Vortex Crossfire 2-7x32mm

(Editor’s Choice)​

Check Price
Nikon Buckmasters II 3-9x40mm

(Editor’s Choice)​

Check Price
Leupold VX-1 3-9x50mm

(Editor’s Choice)​

Check Price
Nikon ProStaff 3-9x40mm Check Price
Bushnell Banner 3-9x40mm Check Price
BSA Sweet 17 3-12x40mm Check Price

Why the Simmons 8 point Truplex is not on my list?

People are wondering why I didn’t include some of these other popular .17 hmr rifle scopes that others have reviewed but aren’t on my Top 6 list, especially the Simmons 8 point Truplex or any other Simmons products? After reviewing them all, the answer is simple.

  •  The Simmons just didn’t seem high quality.
  •  It kept losing its zero, which is not good.
  •  I don’t mind getting an inexpensive rifle scope, but the Simmons is too cheap and it shows in it’s quality.

Basically, you aren’t paying for something that is built well. Some of you may be ok with something that is just cheap, but for most, we want to find the best 17hmr rifle scope for the money.

For now, Simmons optics didn’t make our Top 6 list, especially if you are just looking for something to get the job done or are on a budget.

However, we believe that the premium rifle scopes are ok if you are the type of person who is not on a budget and wants the extra features as these scopes and other high tier scopes are definitely high quality. We also believe in finding some great budget scopes that are inexpensive as long as you don’t sacrifice on too much quality.

Considerations for Choosing a Scope for 17HMR

As always, there are a number of considerations that you need to be mindful of when choosing a scope for your .17 HMR rifle.  

As with choosing the best scope for hunting, you need to be honest with yourself. Are you wanting to buy a scope just for the range and shooting around with friends, or are you a serious varmint hunter?

If you are just looking to shoot paper at 100 yards, then you don’t need to spend as much as if you needed to manage the varmint that are digging in the back 40. 

What is your budget? A lot of guys want to find a reasonably priced scope for their .17 hmr as it is used for a combination of varmint hunting and target shooting. With those of you with Bill Gate’s wallet, then there a lot of .17 HMR scopes in your price range. 

.17 HMR vs .22 LR – What is the difference?

The .17 Hornady Magnum Rifle, more commonly known as the .17 HMR is a rimfire rifle cartridge developed by Hornady in 2002. A relatively new rifle, these are typically used for target practice at the shooting range or for varmint/small game hunting. 

The 17 HMR is often compared to the 22 LR and for good reason, however there are a number of key differences.

The .17 hmr will be far faster and much more accurate with a flat trajectory as compared to the trajectory and velocity of the .22 long rifle. If you require insane accuracy for varmint hunting or even target shooting, the .17 HMR will be superior.

Now you must be thinking to yourself, “What is the downside of the 17hmr?”

Well, unfortunately rounds of ammunition will cost you more in 17 hmr as compared to the very economical .22 lr. Choosing the best scope for 17 hmr will also not break the bank. You can get great scopes for .17 hmr for less than a few hundred dollars. 

The .22 round is much heavier than the 17 hmr and for that reason the .17 Hornady Magnum Rifle has a flatter trajectory witch equates to being able to shoot at longer distances.

So, it really is a personal choice. If you are satisfied with cleaning up gophers at 100 yards with your 22 and missing more often than not at 150-200 yards, then stick with the .22. If you want to pay a small premium for greater distances, or just want to add another varmint hunting rifle to the collection, buy yourself a quality .17hmr. 

Now, my two cents….If you are varmint hunting or target shooting under 100 yards or so, then the 22 lr would be my recommendation and to be honest, you probably won’t notice the accuracy difference.

If you want more distance and don’t mind spending the extra money on ammunition, then definitely purchase a .17 HMR. Most hunters and target shooters I know own multiple rifles of both calibre.

If you are looking for the best .17 hmr scope in 2023, you’ve come to the right place!

Best 17 HMR Scopes Reviewed

Based on what you’ve read so far, can you see how it can be difficult to find the best scope for your 17hmr? You need to have hands on experience and truly see if it’s the right scope for you.

I’ve tried to eliminate the worst and narrow down the best. Below are reviews up the Top 6 and best scopes for a .17 hmr in 2023. Enjoy!​

1. Vortex Crossfire II 2-7x32mm – Best 17 HMR Scope to Buy in 2023

Vortex is a great brand. They are one of my favorites as they always seem ti impress me with their high quality scopes at affordable prices.

The Vortex Crossfire comes with many premium features that allow it to hold its own when comparing it to other premium optics.

It’s multi coated, features resettable MOA windage and adjustments and a fast focus eyepiece.

It is made of aircraft grade aluminum construction so it’s built very well and very durable. It’s also completely water and fog proof so it can handle harsh conditions.

The Vortex Crossfire 2-7x32mm is so inexpensive for the quality of the product. This is what made it land the #1 spot for best 17hmr scope in 2023.

It also features a focal plane reticle tha tis especially suited for ranging estimations, holdover and wind drift adjustments.​

The 32mm objective lens might concern some people but in my review I didn’t notice any lack of light, so I was happy with that.​

In my test I bore-sighted and then too it to the range. My first impression was how clear and crisp the glass was. The image was great and compared with higher quality scopes.

Once I sight the scope in an got a consistent grouping, I shot about 50 rounds with the 17 hmr to see if it would hold zero, which it did. A definite requirement to make the #1 spot on the list.

It even did well at mid to long range. I used the second hash mark on the reticle to fire at a target that was 200 yards away and it was spot on! (when zero’d at 100 yards).

Due to the smaller objective lens, Low light performance isn’t that great. I didn’t notice a difference during the day or in the shade, but definitely noticed a difference closer to dusk and dawn.

Overall, the Vortex Crossfire 2 is an amazing scope and I was extremely happy with it. I ended up purchasing one for my .22 as well!

There are a lot of different scopes tha tmoney can buy, but if you are looking for value, high quality, a great manufacturer with a lifetime warranty​ and a scope that will just perform when you need it to, the Vortex Crossfire 2 is the scope to get!

The scope has amazing glass given it’s price point. There is very little distortion throughout it’s zoom range. It’s also made of very high quality and the value is great. This is one of the best scopes for the money for your .17 hmr!


  •  Unconditional Lifetime Warranty
  •  Scope is crystal clea.
  •  Great value for the money.
  •  Holds zero and very well built and durable.


  •  Not made for low light conditions due to size of objective lens.


Magnification: 2-7x

Objective Lens: 32mm

2. Nikon Buckmasters II 3-9x40mm – Best .17 hmr Scope For the Money

Nikon is one of the top optics makers in the world.

The Buckmasters II is Nikon’s new Buckmasters line and they’ve done a great job.

It features Nikon’s brighter anti-reflective system of multi coated lenses which provides ample light transmission and optical clarity.

The Nikon Buckmasters is the perfect rifle scope for someone who is looking for the best .17 hmr scope for to the money, costing just under $100.

It used to be its midline between the Prostaff and Monarch, but now the Buckmasters II is now considered an entry level line for Nikon. 

I tested it out on my 30-06 first and loved it. So I had to try it for the .17 hmr.

The first thing I noticed was how bright the glass was. It seems ultra bright when compared to glass from other optics. I’m not surprised considering Nikon made it with 98% light transmission.

I was really happy that it didn’t move zero at all. That was definitely impressive since most scopes closer to $100 will lose zero in these cases.

And to be honest, this would be a great scope if it was closer to $200, but even better value considering that it is closer to $100! I’m not sure why it is so cheap on Amazon, but for under $100 this is such a great scope for the money.

The scope was very easy to install and zero at the range. 

One thing I noticed is that it is pretty blurry at 30 yards or less at 3x. So it’s strictly a mid to long range rifle scope in my opinion.

Overall, for a .17 hmr rifle scope under $100, this Nikon Buckmaster is a great scope. It is not a high dollar scope, but it does not need to be.

All your scope needs to be is accurate and able to stay on zero. Both of which this scope does!

Another things to not, it gets decent enough light collection at dusk, but it is not a night vision scope. It got blurry for me 5 min before sunset.

In short, the Nikon Buckmaster is the perfect and best .17 HMR optic for $100.


  •  Nikon Lifetime Warranty
  •  Very bright glass.
  •  Great value for the money.
  •  Surprisingly holds zero for a cheaper scope.


  •  Issues with focus at anything under 30 yards at 3x.


Magnification: 3-9x

Objective Lens: 40mm

3. Leupold VX-I 3-9x50mm – Best 17 HMR Scope for Durability

Well, if you have been following us at all, you will know by now that I am a huge Leupold fan.

They consistently build quality products within the respective price range time after time and their scopes tend to be the best scopes on the market for the money.

Nothing different with a scope for a .17 HMR – Leupold’s VX-1 is a good scope for the money and has a ton of raving reviews. 

There are a number of Leupold models that would work great on your .17 HMR including the VX-1, VX-2, and VX-3 however I believe that the VX-1 is probably at the right price range to make it a great option for varmint hunting or target shooting.

Sure you could spend $400 plus on some of the other models, but I don’t think you would notice a whole heck of a lot shooting prairie dogs or coyotes at 200 yards. 

Now I digress. Down to some technicals…..The VX-1 is built with their Quantum Optical System with multi coated lenses that produce insane clarity and brightness.

Of course the rifle scope is oxygen purged and nitrogen filled to make it waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof.

The magnification range is standard at 3-9x and comes with a 50mm objective lens which lets a tremendous amount of light in for clarity and brightness when shooting in low light conditions.


Magnification: 3-9x

Objective Lens: 50mm

4. Nikon ProStaff 3-9x40mm BDC – Best .17 HMR Scope For Long Range Shooting

Nikon continues to outperform with the ProStaff 3-9×40. It is a multi-use riflescope that is perfect for your .17 hmr. With 3-9x magnification and a 40mm objective lens, it features a multi-coated optical system with optimal light transmission.

It has a zero-reset turret with a spring loaded adjustment knob and a standard but consistent 3.6″ of eye relief. 

Nikon’s BDC reticle system is unlike the competition and features a range of reticles that are specifically designed for all types of calibres, including the 17 Hornady Magnum Rifle. 

These reticles take all the math our of the equation when shooting at longer distances which means that it requires minimal effort on the shooters part to compensate for the bullet trajectory. Before getting this rifle scope, check out Nikon’s Ballistic Match Technology

If you are looking for a great riflescope for your 17hmr for the price but also wouldn’t mind using it on larger caliber rifles such as a .308, give this scope some thought. With a set of detachable scope rings, it makes transitioning this scope from one rifle to the next a breeze! 

A word of caution, the scope is a little larger than i expected. The housing is super beefy and rugged and is built like a tank. I needed higher scope rings on my .17 hmr to cycle the action.

Overall, the Nikon Prostaff is an amazing rifle scope and you really can’t go wrong. Wether you put it on your 17hmr, 30-06, .308, .22lr, or anything else, this scope will perform.

The Prostaff made my Top 6 rifle scope for 17 hmr list because it’s a very high quality scope and can compare with some $400-$500 scopes, yet the price is much much lower.


  •  Nikon Lifetime Warranty
  •  Very clear bright glass.
  •  Great value for the money.
  •  Built like a tank and very durable.


  •  A little bit big and bulky. You will definitely need high mounts.


Magnification: 3-9x

Objective Lens: 40mm

5. Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn – Best .17 hmr Scope for Low Light Conditions and Long Range Shooting​​Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn

Bushnell has been making optics for over 65 years now. The company is well known for its quality and affordability.

The Bushnell Banner is no different and the scope is very well made. It includes a multi-coating process that results in giving brightness and clarity for the shooter at all times, but it’s made especially for the moments where there are low light conditions (dusk and dawn).

The Banner has a high powered tube design and variable scope that can be used for long range centerfire shooting.

It has 4-12x with a 40mm objective lens which makes it ideal for long range shooting. The multi-x reticle is awesome.

The Bushnell banner is built for hunters who want a scope for all conditions, especially low light conditions including dawn and dusk.

The Bushnell Banner offers exceptional value and most often used on a 22LR or .17hmr.

​I took the optic out for a little test and was very happy as I zero’d within 3 shots at 100 yards. Very easy to zero.

After about 100 rounds at the range, I always test to see if it keeps zero, which it did. 

The scope could reach as far as 500 yards if you’re firearm allowed it. The magnification power will allow you to get there and see your targets clearly.​

It also shoots well and has great brightness if you are shooting near dusk or dawn. It was specifically made to allow the shooter to see during these times. Something that will help some hunters in timely situations.

At the highest magnification power the scope has a hard time focusing and is a little blurry. The eye relief is also a little tight at this magnification power as well. But at lower magnification, it’s very clear and quick to focus!

Overall, for the price, I couldn’t be happier. Bushnell makes some high quality products and the Bushnell Banner is a great scope for the 17 hmr. 

I highly recommend this scope. As soon as you use the Bushnell Banner you will probably wont another one for your other rifle.


  •  Easy to zero and holds zero after continued use
  •  Clear glass and high quality.
  •  Seemed to be durable.
  •  Great for long range shooting.


  •  Has eye relief and focus issues when using 18x magnification.


Magnification: 4-12x

Objective Lens: 40mm

6. BSA 3-12×40 Sweet 17 Rifle Scope – Best Budget .17 HMR Scope 

The BSA Sweet 17 3-12x40mm is a varmint hunting marvel! It features a quick change turret system and a 3″ eye relief which is right in the sweet spot for the 17 hmr rifle.

This scope will allow you to drive tacks at 200 yards, no problem. At the price range it is hard to believe that it can compete with the likes of Leupold and Nikon but trust me, it can. 

I bought my wife the BSA 3-12×40 for her birthday last year and she gets a kick out of it. It is exceptionally clear and works in all shooting conditions.

What I really liked is that after I got it zeroed in for her, it stayed dialed in with minimal adjustments over 200 rounds with the .17 HMR. 

Note that it currently doesn’t come with mounts or rings on Amazon but for under $80, I wouldn’t expect it to.

Buy yourself some decent rings if you choose the BSA Sweet 17. I bought some high mount AccuShot for my wife’s bull barrel and it is the perfect fit. 


Magnification: 3-12x

Objective Lens: 40mm

Bonus – Hawke Sport Optics Vantage IR – Best illuminated optic for 17 hmr

Hawke makes some great rifle optics. Regarding the Hawke Sport Optics Vantage scope, it comes with great features for its price. 

It transmits light clearly to give a sharp and crisp picture. It has a glass etched illuminated reticle that helps with low light conditions at dusk and dawn.

It is very durable and strong and well suited for any time of shooting.

It’s not a very popular rifle scope with so many other brand taking over in popularity, but it still performs very well and isn’t a bad choice if you are looking for another option, especially a scope that has an illuminated reticle.


Magnification: 4-12x

Objective Lens: 50mm

Best Scope for 17 HMR Conclusion

The 17 hmr is a relatively new rimfire rifle cartridge that tends to be compared to the standard 22 lr.

For comparison sake, the .17hmr will be faster, have flatter trajectory, and you will be able to shoot varmint at longer distances. The one downside is that you should expect to pay a 20% premium on ammunition however the .22 lr cartridge are basically free in America so if you own a .17 Hornady, you aren’t that much worse off. 

After reviewing all of the best scopes for the 17 hmr, I find myself wanting all of the scopes if I were the reader. Now, I know I can’t do that and I have to pick 1 (or 3) that I believe to be superior as compared to the rest. 

If you want the best rifle scope for your .17 hmr, choose the Vortex Crossfire II. It is clear and crisp and for under $150 at Amazon. You can get one of these shipped to your doorstep in a few days!

The best .17 hmr scope for the money though would have to be the Nikon Buckmasters II. At under $100 on Amazon (normally $130), it’s a great buy.

But, if you want a scope under $80, than without a doubt the BSA Sweet 17 is the best budget riflescope for your .17 hmr rifle. 

Stay safe and happy shooting!