There is a reason why the Nikon ProStaff 3-9×40 is one of the most popular and trusted rifle scopes out there – it has multicoated optics for up to 98% light transmission and it is accurate and repeatable. This is a great rifle scope for those looking to punch paper at the shooting range and for those that love varmint hunting as much as I do. Built specifically for rimfire rifles, the ProStaff 3-9×40 is a dandy.

The Prostaff offers shooters a great experience, everything from shooting at 25 yards at 3x magnification to shooting up to 150 yards at 9x magnification and the right rifle. Depending on your confidence and experience, you should be able to get to the point that you are grouping nicely at 100 yards.

I use the Nikon Prostaff 3-9×40 Rimfire on my Ruger 10/22 Takedown and can shoot tacks all day long at 100 yards. Tried and true, this scope is great! I also shoot and hunt with a lot of guys that use the Nikon 3-9x on their 17 HMR for varmint hunting.

Nikon Prostaff Rimfire Features

Nikon offers various BDC reticles which are specifically designed to compensate for the trajectory of you’re firearm. See the article “What BDC Reticle is right for me?” for more information about the specifics of the technology.

The 3-9x40mm is great for both dawn and dusk hunters as the light transmission is high which ensures maximum brightness. The eye relief is also generous at 3.6” which offers comfort to shooters of all skill levels and with all calibres of rifles.

Some other features include nitrogen-filled, 0-ring-sealed housing which offers a waterproof and fogproof scope. This scope is durable and can withstand substantial wear and tear – great for hunters and shooters that want to use the scope on multiple rifles.

Prostaff 3-9x Review

I couldn’t be happier with this scope for the money. I mounted the Nikon Prostaff on my 30-06 deer rifle in the fall of 2014 and made my first kill shot at 250 yards. The scope has held zero ever since thanks to sighting it in using the proper techniques and the construction and zero-reset turret in addition to the after market AccuShot Premium 1” Weaver style rings.

One of the cons with the Nikon 3-9x40mm is that it doesn’t have an adjustable objective which may or may not be an issue, depending on what you use it for. It is parallax free at 50 yards, so anything closer than that may become blurry when using the 9x magnification.

One of the best things about buying Nikon is their lifetime warranty. Not that I have had to use it, but it definitely gives me comfort that they stand behind their products.

This scope is great for price and compares with some of my $1000+ scopes that I have purchased over the years (including Leupold!). I have had great experience with the Nikon on anything from a .22lr up to much larger calibres like the 7mm and .308.

Stay safe, and happy shooting!