More Strange at Arizona Gun Range

london-bridge-shooters-az-gun-rangeCheck this out. It’s another edition of “Strange at an Arizona Gun Range.” One minute a shooter is picking up brass. The next minute he was probably at the closest store picking up a new, clean pair of underwear.

Here’s what happened earlier this week, and why it’s important. To the gun friendly Republic of Arizona we go.

Lake Havasu City is located about 200 miles northwest of Phoenix. It’s also about 100 miles southwest of tiny White Hills, Arizona. You may recall White Hills from last summer as the home of the Bullets and Burgers Arizona Gun Range. This was where a 9-year old girl lost control of a mini-uzi and accidentally killed her range instructor.

Luckily, in this new Arizona Gun Range true story, no one was killed. The only thing hurt was surely some feelings.

The incident was during a shooting competition at the London Bridge Action Shooter Club in Lake Havasu City. (The Arizona city has actually re-assembled the original London Bridge which spanned the River Thames in London, England until 1967). Anyway, a range safety officer allows a new stage to begin running. The shooter routinely goes about his business. He’s actively engaging targets around barriers with his trusty pistol.

Then it gets interesting. The shooter suddenly notices something unusual.

One of his fellow competitors downrange is still on the course and in his line of fire. While he is picking up brass, the person seems clueless that another shooter is firing off fresh rounds, and he could soon be a target.

Here is a statement from the London Bridge Action Shooters Club:

During our last match, we experienced a very serious safety incident. A shooter was allowed to make ready and begin shooting a stage, while a person was still downrange. Fortunately, the person was spotted, the shooter stopped, and the incident concluded with no one being hurt or worse. We all should recognize a stage has poor visibility, or if an RO is being less-than-diligent. We should all do what we can to improve the situation — an extra set of eyes. There are not enough people who routinely shoulder this burden. Everyone needs to be involved.

Don’t worry about the anti-gunners or liberals. This Arizona Gun Range accident wasn’t sensational enough for them to take it and cry bloody murder again. AWC is sharing the news as simply an important real-life reminder that there are no off-days when it comes to safety and diligence.

Joyce Wilson, the director of the International Defensive Pistol Association summed it up well, “This event serves as a reminder that complacency is the enemy of safety.”

Before you watch the video below, remember this Dear Friends of the Second Amendment… Even experienced shooters can make a mistake. So, wherever you’re shooting this weekend, make it a fun and safe one.

Firearms and the Safety of Family

Build-a-Firearm Nib Bolt Carrier Group

March 15, 2015



Mr. Brian and Mrs. Valerie Wilson
Las Vegas, Nevada


Dear Valerie and Brian,


Thank Ares Letter to the Wilson Family in Supportyou for coming forward publicly and sharing your story. It moved me. It also moved the people in our company. Thus, we also shared your story to all our loyal customers on the AWC website.


Maybe it’s me. But I just don’t understand how a law-abiding, firearm-carrying couple with Constitutional Rights do not have the legal right to be foster parents or adopt a child. This doesn’t seem fair to you or a child who wants, needs, and deserves to be loved.


What I can understand is how the attempted invasion of your home changed your outlook on life. Yours happened when you lived in New York. My family’s was in a similar unconstitutional “gun-free zone” in Chicago, Illinois. You never forget it, do you?


For us, it was 2:30 a.m. My family was sleeping. I was home working at that hour. Two thugs smashed the window of my 2-year old daughter’s bedroom. Within seconds, I grabbed her and rushed her and my 6-month old son into their mother’s arms in our bedroom.


After quickly leading my family into a designated safe area in our home, I ran back to confront the two perpetrators. The only legal self-defense weapon I had was my martial arts training. Luckily in this case, applying my skills as a black belt was enough (if you catch my drift).

How is it, today’s America doesn’t fully value good human beings like yourselves, who believe in their Constitutional Rights to bear arms in order to protect themselves?



Valerie and Brian, I respect you for “sticking to your guns” so to speak. Thank you for fighting for positive change across America, and specifically in Nevada with trying to change the law with Assembly Bill 167.


You got through the attempted invasion of your home. I pray and believe you will get through this challenge. You deserve to keep your right to bear arms, AND get the right and the opportunity to welcome deserving children into your loving arms.


Please let me know if we, at AWC, can be of assistance to you.


With gratitude and admiration,



Bryce Stirlen, CEO


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