How To Shoot With Both Eyes Open – Or is One Eye Enough?

Shoot With Both Eyes Open

It’s the old age discussion among shooting enthusiasts… Is shooting with one eye the way to go, or am I in fact suppose to know how to shoot with both eyes open? Although some people swear by shooting with only one eye, shooting forum after shooting forum will tell you that shooting with BOTH EYES OPEN is … Read more

Gun Safety Rules

Gun Safety Rules

Gun safety rules are not a joke. In fact, every hunter and shooter who owns a gun should be well equipped with proper gun safety knowledge. If you live in the United States, there are a ton of different gun safety courses available for you that we encourage you to attend, especially if you are … Read more

How to shoot a Pistol

how to shoot a pistol

Ever wondered how to shoot a pistol? If you’re new to the handgun world or just want to make more accurate shots, this article will thoroughly go through the steps to correctly shoot your handgun, whatever shape, size or caliber you prefer. Steps for Proper Shooting: The most important components of shooting a pistol correctly … Read more