BSA Sweet 17 Scope Review – [FULL OPTIC REVIEW]

BSA makes a few different series of rifle scopes that are specifically calibrated for their respective grain ammunition.

The two that have been the most popular and some of the best selling rimfire scopes are the BSA Sweet 17 rifle scope and the BSA Sweet 22 rifle scope.

As I’m sure you have guessed, the BSA Sweet 17 scope is designed for the bullet weight compensation of the 17HMR and the BSA Sweet 22 is designed for the bullet weight compensation of the 22LR

The purpose of this article is to explore the Sweet 17 scope and provide you with valuable insight for deciding if this rifle scope is the best for your 17 hmr.

BSA makes solid optics for the money and the Sweet 17 is no different. Whether you plan on punching paper, target shooting, or varmint hunting, this popular rifle scope will provide you with the confidence you need to make every shot count. 

There are a few different models within the BSA Sweet 17 product line that includes different magnification and size of objective lens. Two of the most popular are the BSA Sweet 17 3-12x40mm and the 6-18x40mm.

The decision between which scope to buy will be a matter of personal preference and the distance that you plan on shooting. If I were to have to choose between the two for my 17 hmr, I would probably go with the 3-12x40mm because I want to have lower magnification on the bottom of the range for those close varmint shots!

BSA Sweet 17 Scope Review

BSA manufactures some great optics and each of them are perfectly designed for different calibre ammunition. The BSA sweet 17 scope is a great purchase for the money and makes a great varmint or target shooting rifle scope. 

The BSA Sweet 17 is easy to sight in at the range and after using a bore sight at 100 yards you should expect to have a nice grouping within 1″ at 100 yards.

If you increase the magnification from 3x to 12x, you should notice that the clarity and field of view are perfect for your 17hmr. At 200-250 yards you should be able to group nicely depending on what your rifle and ammunition setup are. It has windage & elevation adjustment turrets that have zero reset with an allen screw. 

Right now on Amazon this scope doesn’t come with scope rings. Depending on what rings you choose and what your 17 hmr rifle set is like, you may want to buy the 1″ high rings so that the objective lens isn’t resting on your barrel. 


Magnification: 3-12x

Objective Lens: 40mm

Windage/Elevation: 1/4 MOA

Parallax Adjustment: Yes

Length: 13.38″

Eye Relief: 4″

Final Thoughts – BSA Sweet 17 Scope Review

The Sweet 17 rifle scope is one of the most popular and well respected scopes for a .17/17hmr rifle. The 17 hmr is becoming a popular varmint and target shooting rifle because of the speed of the bullet and its flat trajectory which means that you can hunt gophers at 250+ yards if you are steady enough. 

BSA’s Sweet 17 Rifle is a good scope for the money. It is crisp, clear and offers an exceptional field of view for the price. With a consistent 4″ eye relief, you can be confident when shooting knowing that you or your child won’t scope themselves. 

I found a video review of the Sweet 17 HMR on youtube for anyone interested. 

Stay safe and happy shooting!