Minions Fart Blaster Gun Creates Stink at Airport


The Minions got in trouble again. This time, they got a three-year old boy in trouble with them. Dublin Airport Authority (DDA) officers in Ireland took away the toddler’s Minion’s Fart Blaster toy gun over the weekend during a pre-flight security check screening.

Little Leo Fitzpatrick was travelling home to Nottingham, England with his mother after a trip to visit her family in Dublin, Ireland. His Minions Fart Blaster created a stink at the Dublin Airport when it showed up on an x-ray machine screening his backpack.

Leo’s 25-year old single pregnant mother, Daire Fitzpatrick, was asked by DDA officers to empty the backpack at which time they experienced the plastic megaphone toy which lights up, makes “fart noises,” and releases a banana scent when the trigger gets pulled. Officials said the gun posed a security threat. So they seized it.

A spokesman for Dublin Airport spokesman released a statement saying, “Toy guns and replica guns are on the prohibited items list and we urge people to check this before they travel. We don’t make the rules but we apply the rules consistently; anything that is a replica gun with a trigger mechanism on it is listed as a prohibited item.”

Little Leo was given the toy one day earlier. It was a present from his grandfather. Daire Fitzpatrick told the Daily Mail she had never seen her son smile so much. “This gun was his life for the last 24 hours. He had become so attached to it and would really hysterically laugh when he pressed the button,” said Daire. “If you look at it it’s just ridiculous it could be considered a weapon. I mean, would you shake with fear if I pointed a Minions Fart Blaster at you?”

Mom says the DDA official even admitted his own child was bearing the same Arms at home. She says her three-year old was devastated, but polite. He was upset and didn’t understand why he had to “share” his new toy with the man he did not know.

DDA apologized to the family and said they would hold the boy’s Minions Fart Blaster toy gun until the family could return to collect it. The family decided to leave the megaphone in Ireland and purchased a new one for Leo when they got home.

Cell Phone Shoots Gun in Road Rage Incident


Photo: KRQE 13

An Albuquerque, New Mexico man is making news. It comes after shooting a gun with his cell phone during a road rage incident. It happened Sunday afternoon on I-25 near the spectacular Sandia Peak Tramway which stretches from the Sandia Mountains to the city with breathtaking aerial views. Yet it was the driving on the freeway which took this man’s breath away.

He told his story to Channel 13 KRQE-TV News in Albuquerque. Why he went to the media, we don’t know. Reportedly, he was too shaken to identify himself and didn’t want to show his face on camera.

The man claimed a confrontation with the driver of a gold BMW 745i began as soon as he merged onto the I-25 freeway behind a semi-tractor trailer.  He said, “Next thing I know that BMW is right on my tail honking at me. He kicks it into high gear and hauls butt past me.”

He said once the gold BMW was in front of him, the driver kept slamming on the brakes and would not let him pass. “We’re on a freeway, you can’t just sit there at 10 miles an hour, and he did this like five more times. I mean I just screeched to almost a stand still.”

The man claims he then used his cell phone in an attempt to get video and photos of the BMW and its license plate. For some reason, he then took the opportunity to pull up alongside the driver’s side of the BMW. Here he got his “money shot” before exiting the freeway to call 911.

The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office says the video led them to the suspect. They say 44-year old Marty Herrera confessed to taking part in the road rage incident. The image on camera shows him holding a gun and pointing it toward the camera. He must have been doing some serious knee driving on I-25 as the image shows no hands near the steering wheel. The passenger seen in the front seat is looking ahead.

Online court documents show the suspect, Marty Herrera has multiple citations for speeding, but no prior criminal record. He was charged with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He surrendered his firearm to detectives and was released yesterday on a $15,000 bond.

“Obviously this individual was so upset,” said Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Aaron Williamson. “A split second decision, he makes that choice to pull the trigger, and now we have a fatality or a serious injury. There’s no reason to go to prison for somebody cutting you off in traffic.”

There’s also no reason to go to the morgue armed with only a cell phone in an unexpected gunfight. That’s if you can legally do anything about it.

A road rage incident is not planned like a trip. It can rear its ugly head at any moment, during any stretch of the highways and byways of America. Modern day driving is just one of the real-life scenarios in which a firearm can really save yours.

Walmart Greeter Grooves to Gun Death


The Chicago Blackhawks are playing in the Stanley Cup Finals. Meanwhile, responsible owners of guns in Chicagoland are getting another black eye. It’s thanks to the news of some alleged hockey puck who was a Walmart Greeter. The shooting crime adds more ammo for the large anti-gun crowd on President Obama’s home turf.

Meet 23-year old Antonio Lampley, pictured above. A judge has ordered him held on $200,000 bail based on an involuntary manslaughter charge. Court records show Lampley was working as a Walmart Greeter on February 25, 2015. Prosecutors said yesterday, he is responsible for pulling the trigger that day in a fatal shooting in a parking lot in the Roseland section of Chicago, one of the city’s hotspots for violent crime.

8331 S-Stewart-roseland-chicago

Assistant Cook County State’s Attorney Akash Vyas alleged Lampley was smoking marijuana in the back seat of a parked car in a lot at 833 S. Stewart on the South Side of Chicago. He said Lampley was grooving to a song when the firearm in his hand accidentally went off.

A single round was discharged. The bullet went through the front passenger seat, fatally shooting his friend, Derrius Drakes, who was also 23.

The criminal incident lowers Walmart’s image during a public relations campaign to get an upper hand on how the company cares about employees. It’s a good thing Antonio Lampley was a Walmart Greeter, and not working in the gun section of the sporting goods department. Prosecutors say he didn’t know the gun he waving was loaded until he accidentally pulled the trigger.

Following the shooting, Lampley allegedly hid the gun first, then put Drakes into his truck, taking him to Roseland Community Hospital, where doctors pronounced Drakes dead. Vyas said at the hospital an intoxicated Lampley gave police detectives conflicting details of the shooting. A gunshot residue test was performed. It came back positive on Lampley in May.

One of the questions which comes to mind out of human nature is to wonder, “What song was Walmart Greeter Antonio Lampley smoking marijuana and grooving to with a gun?”

Unfortunately, it sounds like ideal scenario for Katy Perry’s song, “The One That Got Away.”