Trump Doesn’t See Gun Problem


Photo: CNN

Donald Trump doesn’t see a gun problem in the United States. He sees a mental health problem. The current frontrunner among the Republican presidential candidates vying for the nomination appeared this morning on the CNN show, “New Day” with Chris Cuomo.

Cuomo whose last name is well documented with gun control, was interviewing Donald Trump. It was no coincidence the interviews was one day after the fatal shootings of a television reporter and a television cameraman on live television in Virginia.

Mr. Trump made his pro-gun position very clear. He told Chris Cuomo he is opposed to gun laws in America being tightened. Trump said, “This isn’t a gun problem. This is a mental health problem. It’s not a question of the laws. It’s really the people.”

Donald Trump called the disgruntled former TV station employee a “very sick man.” He said it was “really very sad” that the man yesterday shot and killed the two television journalists before pulling the trigger of his gun on himself.

Trump told Cuomo, “In the old days they had mental institutions for people like this because he was really, definitely borderline and definitely would have been and should have been institutionalized. At some point somebody should have seen that, I mean the people close to him should have seen it.”

Trump added that if he is elected president he would be in favor of addressing mental health to prevent shootings. He said there were “so many things that can be done” with mental health. However, he did not propose any specific solutions on CNN this morning. He did say that mental health in the United States is “a massive problem.”

After the Virginia TV shootings yesterday, Hillary Clinton posted a tweet which said, “We are smart enough – compassionate enough – to figure out how to balance legitimate Second Amendment rights with preventive measures.”

President Barack Obama called the Virginia shootings “heartbreaking.” He also used the opportunity to call for more gun control legislation, saying it was “one more argument for why we need to look at how we can reduce gun violence in this country.”



Obama tells BBC Gun Control is his Biggest Frustration


(White House photo)


President Obama admitted his gun control failures are his greatest frustration as a U.S. President. In an interview with the BBC just hours before the Louisiana movie theatre shootings, he sat down with North America editor Jon Sopel. The timing was to talk to Obama just before he traveled to East Africa today for his first time as president.

Unlike much of his time spent with American journalists, it was an interview covering a wide range of topics. The president was asked to talk about race relations in America, gay rights, the United Kingdom as a partner, ISIS, the Iran nuclear deal, and more.

For some reason, Mr. Sopel did not ask one specific question about gun control, the president’s attempts to infringe on Second Amendment rights, or even the recent mass shootings in Charleston, South Carolina, Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Lafayette, Louisiana. He only touched on the subject of guns in his final question of the interview.

You will see it was President Obama who fired away on the subject of firearms and his disdain for them.

Jon Sopel – BBC: “But is there an issue that there is going to be unfinished business? Perhaps most notably on race and on guns by the time you leave the White House?”

Barack Obama: “There will be…You mentioned the issue of guns, that is an area where if you ask me where has been the one area where I feel that I’ve been most frustrated and most stymied it is the fact that the United States of America is the one advanced nation on earth in which we do not have sufficient common-sense, gun-safety laws. Even in the face of repeated mass killings.

And you know, if you look at the number of Americans killed since 9/11 by terrorism, it’s less than 100. If you look at the number that have been killed by gun violence, it’s in the tens of thousands. And for us not to be able to resolve that issue has been something that is distressing. But it is not something that I intend to stop working on in the remaining 18 months.”


Bernie Sanders Gun Control Debate


Someone was gunning for Bernie Sanders last night. The presidential candidate and U.S. Senator from Vermont was in Fairfax, Virginia on a campaign stop. America’s anti-gunners were loaded with their agenda and waiting.

Honora Laszlo was at the Sanders event last night representing Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. During the open question and answer session, the 58-year old volunteer for the Arlington, Virginia chapter demanded Bernie Sanders clarify his positions on gun reform.

The liberal independent running as a Democrat defended himself telling Laszlo, “I come from a state that has virtually no gun control and it turns out one of the safest states in the country.” He also said he had some “very, very difficult votes” on gun laws. They included supporting the flawed 1994 assault weapons ban, and the 2013 gun show alleged background check “loophole closing.”

For the record, Bernie Sanders is not pro-gun. His voting on gun issues and Second Amendment issues certainly won’t remind anyone of Founding Father James Madison. But at least he is not the completely over the top anti-gun Hillary Clinton. As a Congressman in 1993, he did vote against the federal background check system outlined in the landmark Brady bill.

In 2005, Sanders voted to shield firearms manufacturers from liability if their sold guns are used in crimes. He reiterated that stance following the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, telling his constituents in a Vermont magazine, “If you passed the strongest gun control legislation tomorrow, I don’t think it will have a profound effect on the tragedies we have seen.”

Last night’s exchange got heated when Laszlo pointed that out interjecting, “With all due respect, you also cast the vote to allow gun manufacturers to never be sued.”

Bernie Sanders shot back at her. “Right I did, OK? Why would I have voted that way? Because if somebody has a gun and somebody steals that gun and they shoot somebody with it, do you really think it makes sense to blame the manufacturer of that weapon? If somebody sells you a baseball bat and somebody hits you over the head with it, you’re not going to sue the baseball bat manufacturer.”

Sanders used a similar response in firing back earlier this week against Jake Tapper on CNN:

“If somebody has a gun and it falls into the hands of a murderer, and that murderer kills somebody with the gun, do you hold the gun manufacturer responsible? Not anymore than you would hold a hammer company responsible if somebody beat somebody over the head with a hammer.”

Laszlo left the event telling reporters she was disappointed by the remarks of Bernie Sanders. “He’s using phrases that the gun extremists and the NRA use,” said Laszlo.

The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election is still more than a year away. Already, the misguided gun control attacks on Second Amendment Rights can give anyone who respects the Constitution the annoying feeling we’re being hit over the head with a baseball bat and a hammer.

Lynne Russell – Crime pays. Gun Saves.

armed-assailant-tomorio-waltonWho says “crime doesn’t pay”? In committing his final crime, Tomorio Walton paid for it with his life. Meantime, former CNN Headline News anchor and correspondent, Lynne Russell, and her husband saved their lives because she legally carried a gun in her purse.

You might have heard the story recently. If you did, you had to be tuned in to select news outlets. That’s because it seems like the headlines make room for every cry for more gun control. However, positive gun news stories such as what happened in this case don’t always spread like wildfire.

For those who will listen, Lynne Russell just told her story on Fox News. She titled it: “The Second Amendment Saved My Life.”


She shared details of crashing for the night in a Motel 6 in Albuquerque, New Mexico on a long road trip with her husband, Chuck de Caro. He’s a former CNN reporter, and U.S. Army Special Forces veteran.

While Chuck was in the shower, Lynne went to the car to bring in food, and was returning to the motel room. Suddenly, she was assaulted by a man with what she said was a big, silver, semi-automatic weapon. The man shoved into the room and on the bed.

Then came the gunman’s surprise. Lynne Russell was not alone.

Buck naked, Chuck de Caro came out of the bathroom. Husband and wife instantly worked together. They began distracting the armed robber by talking to him, moving around, and offering things to him. They sensed he was comfortable having committed this crime before.

Lynne walked her purse over to Chuck. A trusty .380 gun was inside. The thug lunged for a brief case, and moved toward the door. Then, instead of running, he opened fire on Chuck, who bravely emptied his gun in returning fire.

Lynne Russell said the bottom line was the bad guy was in the parking lot DOA. Her husband and hero who she married one year ago on Independence Day is now recovering from five gunshot wounds. She so eloquently wrote:

“Now ask me how I feel about the right to bear Arms.”

Lynne Russell added some key points in strong defense of the Second Amendment:

  • If America didn’t already have #2A – the Second Amendment, we would create it.
  • Don’t make the argument about criminals. They will always get their hands on guns.
  • Prevent “violent” offenders from owning firearms, but allow “white collar” criminals.
  • And finally, she saved the best for last. “Get a gun. Get legal. Be responsible. Trust yourself. Don’t trust yourself? Then don’t carry. But for God’s sake then, shut the f**k up about it, because that’s where your involvement ends.”

Remembering our Founding Fathers on Flag Day


Today is Flag Day. We celebrate the sacred Stars and Stripes today. Dad’s big day is one week away. We hope you are enjoying our Countdown to Father’s Day 2015, and the tribute to our nation’s Founding Fathers.

If you have been following this series, you can’t help but come away with a certain powerful realization or confirmation. The exact government policies and practices America’s Founding Fathers were dead set on preventing, are the very scenarios we are now facing with the current White House administration. On Flag Day 2015, storm winds are blowing her in the wrong direction.

The Founding Fathers insisted on a system of checks and balances when they drafted and ratified the U.S. Constitution. The federal government’s decision making authorities would be distributed and shared between three branches. The states would maintain rights, too.

We The People mandated the people have powers and Constitutional Rights in a truly free country. After all, the Founding Fathers and thousands of other colonists fought bravely for their freedom. They vowed never to build a new nation for themselves, their families, and fellow Americans which would empower the government to take back the rights of the people.

The Founding Fathers carefully packed the U.S. Constitution with laws to serve the citizens as eternal safeguards. No power-wielding president or court could go rogue or turn dictator. The people could not be taken back into tyranny like with Great Britain.


Sadly and angrily as we know today, those Constitutional safeguards are now being stretched and stomped on with President Obama trying to circumvent Congress and the people to push his own anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment agenda. Gun control is part of his control.

“The Founding Fathers made a very important decision to include the right to bear Arms for all Americans,” said Bryce Stirlen, CEO of AWC “They believed the American people should bear Arms to avoid tyranny, and to protect our borders, our families, friends, and neighbors. They knew fundamentally, nearly 250 years ago that a country armed has freedom, safety, and security. Those wise, courageous men looking into the future had the foresight to know the most simple principle – all of the people  should have the power to defend their own home. And if you think of America as a home shared by all of us, then it is all of our responsibility to protect and defend it.”


The hashtag with this important warning is a rapidly rising one on Twitter, a modern technology for Freedom of Speech. People are resonating with the idea of waking America as they should on this Flag Day, and every day.

History can repeat itself…if the people allow it.

Under President Obama, the gun control debate is louder than ever. Americans on both sides of the issue are growing more passionate, and more divided. Many people think they are supporting the president in gun control. Little do they realize they are acting against the support of We The People.


You see, whether or not you like guns…whether you exercise your Constitutional Right to bear Arms to defend yourself, your home, and your country (or blindly hope someone else does it for you) here is a simple fact:

The Second Amendment protects and preserves the First Amendment. The right to bear Arms protects and preserves your right to free speech. Without 2A, the people can be easily silenced, bullied, and stripped of their freedoms.

AWC Inc. CEO Bryce Stirlen was raised in a home where guns were allowed, but not ammunition. Bryce’s father as a very young man had a friend die in his arms, a casualty of a freak hunting accident. The incident haunted Bryce’s father who passed away two years ago. Still, he allowed his sons to collect antique guns and nurtured respect for them.

Bryce’s inspiration for firearms, the military, and our Founding Fathers came through his grandfather, Clement E. “Buck” Humphrey, who was a World War II hero. Bryce was physically disqualified from following his grandfather into military service, but today he proudly and passionately works with a veteran-driven team at AWC Inc.

“When the government tries to take away our Second Amendment Rights, it makes me furious,” says Bryce. “I know how my grandfather would have felt if he were alive. I am reminded of this every day at work when I see it in the eyes of the veterans on our team who courageously fought for our country and freedoms. They are disillusioned and disgusted by this assault on the Constitution.

To allow some bully or some structure to control you on what they think is right, means your freedoms will be gone. There was much blood spilled in order for the U.S. Constitution to be written by our Founding Fathers. Everything in that document is only safe and secure if Americans have right to protect themselves and say ‘NO.’

On Flag Day 2015, look at how President Obama has become Dictator-in-Chief. Does any American believe that won’t become a trend, or transition into what our country will become if our rights are taken away?”

Food for thought in remembering our Founding Fathers on Flag Day.


Taking Aim at Hillary Clinton Gun Control Candidate


A video and a Tweet have changed America. They’ve confirmed what we’ve expected for more than two years. They’ve confirmed what we’ll be hearing for the next year and a half. Hillary Clinton Gun Control Candidate is again running for President of the United States.

This afternoon, following her video announcement in social media she tweeted, “I’m running for president. Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion. –H”   12:27 PM – 12 Apr 2015

One day before Hillary’s announcement, President Barack Obama praised his 2008 Democratic rival and former Secretary of State saying, she had “some strong messages to deliver.”

“She was a formidable candidate in 2008.” Obama said of Hillary. “She was a great supporter of mine in the general election. She was an outstanding secretary of state. She is my friend. I think she would be an excellent president.”

We know Barack Obama has been the ultimate gun-grabbing president. We also know the Obamas and Clintons like each other about as much as Second Amendment supporters like them.

So…isn’t it likely Hillary Clinton as president will try to outdo Barack Obama on gun control?  

AWC thinks so. She has already told the anti-gun vote what they want to hear. She has already shown us what we’re up against with her. The Hillary Clinton Gun Control agenda would seem to be the most dangerous of any U.S. President in history. Here’s some proven examples:

  • “We’ve got to rein in what has become almost an article of faith that anybody can have a gun anywhere anytime.”
  • “We really have got to get our arms around it because at the rate we are going, we are going to have so many people with guns everywhere fully licensed, fully validated… it would be a bad idea to let people go to bars with guns, let them go to schools with guns, let them go to church with guns.”
  • “[I believe in] the rights of lawful gun owners to own guns, to use their guns, but I also believe that most lawful gun owners whom I have spoken with for many years across our country also want to be sure that we keep those guns out of the wrong hands.”
  • Hillary Clinton Gun Control Queen has also said she was “disappointed Congress didn’t pass universal background checks in 2013 after the horrors of the shootings at Sandy Hook… I will speak out [on this] no matter what role I find myself in.”
  • When asked, “Do you think reinstating the ban on assault weapons and banning high capacity magazines would do any good?” Said Mrs. Clinton, “Yes, I do. I do.”

Candidates from all political parties will be gunning for Hillary Clinton. She’ll be the top target on the presidential campaign. Already, Republican Senator Rand Paul has angrily called her out on her hypocrisy regarding women. Jeb Bush and Scott Walker have taken shots at her anti-gun views. At the NRA Convention over the weekend, Senator Ted Cruz told the crowd his message to Hillary: “You Want Our Guns, Come Take Them!”

Besides the compeitition, the facts and truths might shoot her down with voters. New lies might shoot her in the feet. But the greatest weapon against the Hillary Clinton Gun Control agenda could very well be Hillary herself.

* Like the “Great Gun Salesman” Obama, her actions could rally Americans who are Pro-Gun, or at least anti-government.

* Like Obama, her ego and thirst for power might underestimate the size and strength of Second Amendment supporters. On a CNN Town Hall last year, Hillary Clinton said this, “We cannot let a minority of people–and that’s what it is, it is a minority of people–hold a viewpoint that terrorizes the majority of people.”

Let’s begin to spread the truth online in fighting the Hillary Clinton Gun Control agenda. Share your voice using the hashtag: #Hillary2A.