S.F. Rolls on Videotaping Guns and Ammo Sales


Second Amendment supporters…now we know. In San Francisco politics, a Mexican illegal immigrant using a stolen gun in a high-profile murder is more of a gun issue than an immigration issue.

One would think Francisco Sanchez, a 45-year old a man with 7 felony convictions and who has been deported 5 times, would trigger an immediate review of the sanctuary city’s immigration policy. Instead, his random shooting of innocent 32-year old Kathryn Steinle at a San Francisco pier is sadly the trigger behind a new push for stricter new gun control, specifically videotaping guns and ammo sales.

A firearm stolen from a federal agent four days earlier was used in the murder. Somehow, this has provided all of the ammunition necessary for shooting down gun rights. As we explored earlier, Mark Farrell of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors went ahead yesterday and asked the city’s attorney’s office to draft his proposed legislation into a new city ordinance. It is expected to be formally submitted and voted on in September.

These strict gun laws would mandate the following:

  • All sales of guns and ammunition within San Francisco city limits will be required to be videotaped. This follows the precedent set by the other big city anti-gun governments of New York and more recently, Chicago.
  • The video recordings will need to be stored for a period of at least five years.
  • At least once a week, the data on all sales transactions involving guns and ammo must be transmitted to the San Francisco Police Department.

“More big brother watching. More big government interference,” said AWC CEO, Bryce Stirlen. “This proposal infringes on the freedom of citizens to legally exercise their Second Amendment Rights in privacy if they choose. Or, it may wrongly force them to leave San Francisco to do so.”

Supervisor Farrell says the city must do all it can to protect its citizens including videotaping guns and ammo sales. He believes stronger local oversight of guns and ammunition is needed because the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives is understaffed and unable to handle it all.


Ironically in San Francisco a gun shop by the name of High Bridge Arms is the only one in business within city limits. The store which already has security cameras is strongly against the proposed gun law. General manager, Steven Alcairo, told KTVU-TV, “It is a very intrusive law that will accomplish absolutely nothing. As of right now I would refuse that, unless they brought a subpoena.”

Mark Farrell countered by saying, “To me, this is no-brainer legislation.” If approved by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, the new restrictions on videotaping guns and ammo sales would go into effect by the end of 2016.

Dimitri Karras Termination

July 6, 2015

It is with heavy hearts in AWC Inc. that we announce the forced termination of Founder Dimitri Karras for breach of duty as an employee of this firm.

Mr. Karras had been on paid administrative leave since March 2015 for highly unprofessional behavior against members of the management team, staff, and others. Most recently, he launched a series of disruptive and disrespectful public attacks against the CEO, and the company. Furthermore, the uncovering of serious financial discrepancies connected to his selling the company only served to complicate matters.

Mr. Karras repeatedly took advantage of the incredible patience and generosity of new owner and CEO, Bryce Stirlen. “We as an organization simply cannot allow him to continue this type of behavior against the company and people who supported him,” said Stirlen. “Mr. Karras has a very well-documented history. As one the of the company directors said in a management conference call, ‘sometimes to grow a bigger and better garden you just have to root out the weeds.’ Regardless, we still wish Dimitri the best of luck in his future endeavors.”



Father’s Day 2015 Call to Arms


From Bryce Stirlen, CEO, AWC Inc.


To the valued customers and clients of AWC, Inc. – best wishes and Happy Father’s Day!

I hope our fellow fathers are surrounded today by the love of their families. If you have a father, past or present, I hope you are honoring his role in your life. If you are a Dad – or have one – who is away from home, serving on military assignment, thank you again for your sacrifice.

I was fortunate to create many wonderful memories with my Dad on Father’s Day. Sadly, not enough. He passed away June 2013.


On this Father’s Day, I am blessed to have my family out from Chicago – here with me in San Diego. As a father, I am incredibly lucky and grateful to have such warm and loving children in my life.

When I look at my kids and my country with the love I have for both, I see the need to support and protect them. I also understand the need to honor and answer today’s painfully obvious Call to Arms. It is the same one waiting on the doorsteps, and in the faces and inboxes of all American fathers.

Look at just a few of the events this month in the U.S. They trigger proof why everyone would and should bear Arms:

  1. James Boulware, an angry man in an armored vehicle shoots up a Dallas police station.
  2. Munther Omar Saleh, a 20-year old ISIS sympathizer is arrested by the FBI after being caught scouting the George Washington Bridge and other New York City landmarks. Plus, he spent hours researching how to make bombs for terrorist attacks.
  3. A pair of Detroit women who legally carry firearms were each able to “pull the trigger” in successfully defending themselves. One during an overnight home invasion against multiple attackers, and the other, during an attempted carjacking in broad daylight.
  4. The appalling and horrific Clinton home invasion we featured on our blog. Thugs used stun guns on infants and children, attempted rapes, robbery, and more against a family with no firearms.
  5. In a hate crime, 21-year old Dylann Storm Roof, sits for an hour in a Charleston, SC church before pulling a gun and killing 9 African-Americans in bible study.

Intentionally, I listed this piece of gun news last. This awful story appears to be more about racial prejudice, not the weapon used to express it. However, Barack Obama wasted no time making this political. He WILL use this tragedy as fresh ammo for pushing his anti-gun agenda and assault on the Second Amendment, just as he did with Sandy Hook. The fatal shootings give the president all the ammunition he craves for his legacy and another attempt at a gun grab.

Firearms are NOT evil. People ARE evil.

People, whether inherently evil or afflicted with mental health issues – NOT FIREARMS – create atrocities. When mass shootings occasionally happen, the anti-gun gang screams bloody murder about the need to ban ALL firearms because of a few.

It continues to plague me why anti-constitutional radicals in our country, that clearly want to stomp on the principals set forth by our Founding Fathers – get away with their nonsensical arguments around the dangers of firearms.  These radicals take a few, sad and horrific events and politicize them to get what they want. THE GUNS. They want the guns so that they can eventually strip every American of the Constitutional Rights that make our nation great.  The ability to have a voice and speak out against tyranny. NO BULLY can push around an individual that can clearly defend themselves.  Give them (the radical anti-gun establishment fueled by certain facets of our national government) the guns and they WILL take away our rights and the rights of generations to come.

Every time I hear the anti-gunner establishment call for gun grabs – I listen to their arguments…  take the guns, control the guns and the “senseless violence will stop”.  REALLY?  So hand over the guns and we will be safe…?  REALLY?  It will be impossible for evil, and or mentally ill individuals to inflict mass devastation and destruction?  REALLY?  If the logic of these radicals actually had merit, one could argue that any device used by anther person to inflict mass devastation and destruction should be equally banned.

  • Why was there no call to ban airplanes after 9-11, or more recently after a German pilot chose to kill 150 innocent people by flying them into a mountain? There are numerous accounts of pilots and individuals murdering massive numbers of people with aircraft.  When have any of these gun control radicals gone after planes?  Never!  Why?  Because owning or exercising your right to fly a plane WON’T protect you from tyranny and protect our freedom.
  • Why is there no call to ban trains, trucks or cars – haven’t they been used to murder in the masses? Set aside the countless alcohol and drug related events involving a vehicle, need I remind all of the events that developed at the hands of Timothy McVeigh?  When have any of the anti-gun radicals cried, screamed, pounded their fists on the table – demanding all forms of transportation that could be used to murder countless people be banned?    Why?  Because exercising our rights to use or own a train, truck or car WON’T protect you from tyranny and protect our freedom.
  • Why is there no call to ban lethal prescription drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes which are so much more accessible than guns? These drugs are known to have killed thousands and thousands?  Where are the anti-gun “Fruit Loops” on this one? By the way, I have no doubt these social sins WILL be the next ones taken away once “they” have stripped “us” of our #2A rights. So, you gun-grabbers may want to think about that one before getting on the “high” horse…

The anti-gunner community wants you to believe that if Americans roll over and let Obama have his way, we will be safe and protected.  BY WHO?  The government?  Seriously?  The same government that has turned its back on our allies in the middle east and allowed the “rabid” spread of one of the worst global diseases of our generation…  ISIS?

Personally, I choose to have the right to protect myself, my family, my friends and neighbors and not rely on the same government which threw away all the Blood and Treasure won by the brave servicemen and women who fought to protect the principals of our great nation.

And, it’s an honor to say, I have the distinct privilege to work with some of those same men and women here at AWC Inc. today.


A Call to Arms By Our Founding Fathers


The 10-day Founding Fathers tribute by AWC Inc. ended yesterday. It served to recharge my belief in the purpose and power of the U.S. Constitution. The most important document in our history speaks for itself.

The Obama dictating form of government is the exact reason why our Founding Fathers knew the Second Amendment and the rest of the Constitution were important. They made a very important decision to give Americans the right to bear Arms. They knew fundamentally they must avoid tyranny, protect our borders, and allow us to defend ourselves, our families, fellow Americans, and freedoms.

It makes me furious when this government tries to take away our #2A gun rights. President Obama wants our firearms gone so he can build his ideological control over all Americans and bestow it to future generations of his left leaning brethren. He has little time left, and rest assured, he will utilize every last breath of his presidency to push every piece of his liberal agenda down the throats of the U.S. Congress and the American people. Don’t forget, according to him, he has a pen and a phone if he doesn’t get his way… Dictator or President Obama?

Americans are about freedom, and rights to free speech and equality for all. No government should have the ability to force a society into a singular way of thinking. By law, we were given the freedom to arm ourselves. Like in 1776, those brave men picked up their muskets and said, “We will fight for our rights. We will fight for freedom.”

They set for us – the path we are still on today.

As a constitutionalist, I take this Call to Arms seriously. My children’s future, and generations to come will change for the worse if this president, and his crony gun control advocates, win the fight against our Second Amendment Rights. The benefits and beauty of what this nation was built upon by our Founding Fathers will be gone, forever.


A Call to Arms vs. Bullies

It’s a simple principle. Those who have ability to fight back are not bullied. Those people do not become the victims. A bully only attacks those weaker than he or she. Dylann Roof used a gun in a church. Adam Lanza used a gun in an elementary school. These are perfect soft targets for predators.

Calling 9-1-1 is not self-defense. It is not the instant solution you need.

Is it any wonder law-abiding citizens carry guns in church, in their cars, and sleep with them on nightstands by their beds? The lines of enemies foreign and domestic has been blurred. The enemy in America today has proven to be anywhere at any time.

The enemy is not the gun. The enemy is NOT having a gun to protect yourself and others.

An armed America is a safe and secure America.

Atrocities will happen less if criminals never know who around them is carrying guns, and is ready, willing, and able to use them. That extra level of respect levels the ground. Good, strong citizens with firearms are too much for cowards and bullies who might otherwise think they have nothing to lose.

So please, on this Father’s Day, choose to exercise the Constitutional Rights our Founding Fathers fought to give you. Whether you purchase from AWC Inc. or somewhere else, make the commitment to bear Arms before it’s too late. Be empowered to defend yourself and others from enemies foreign and domestic.

If you allow a bully to control you on what he or she thinks is right, your freedom will be gone. The freedom of our children, and our children’s children will be gone, too.


Keeping a Promise with My Father


Before my dad passed away after developing Alzheimer’s Disease and Lung Cancer, came one of his most lucid moments. He was on oxygen struggling to breathe. He made me promise him I would find an opportunity where I could effectively change the lives and courses of people. I am trying to honor my dad’s request every day with AWC Inc. I am trying to honor it with these words to you right now.

I did not invest in a company. I invested in its smart, passionate, and patriotic people, many who are veterans who have been through hell and back fighting for both this country and this company.

If I can help my team, and also help to convince you and other good Americans to responsibly bear Arms as is your Constitutional Right, then I can make my father proud up there.

My father lit my fire. If I can do something to change people’s lives in a positive way, I can leave this world a happy man no matter how many mistakes I have made or will make in my lifetime.

On this fathers day, we at AWC Inc. wish you a wonderful day with your families.  We would like to extend a heart felt thank you – for your time and your business.


Bryce Stirlen


Remembering our Founding Fathers on Flag Day


Today is Flag Day. We celebrate the sacred Stars and Stripes today. Dad’s big day is one week away. We hope you are enjoying our Countdown to Father’s Day 2015, and the tribute to our nation’s Founding Fathers.

If you have been following this series, you can’t help but come away with a certain powerful realization or confirmation. The exact government policies and practices America’s Founding Fathers were dead set on preventing, are the very scenarios we are now facing with the current White House administration. On Flag Day 2015, storm winds are blowing her in the wrong direction.

The Founding Fathers insisted on a system of checks and balances when they drafted and ratified the U.S. Constitution. The federal government’s decision making authorities would be distributed and shared between three branches. The states would maintain rights, too.

We The People mandated the people have powers and Constitutional Rights in a truly free country. After all, the Founding Fathers and thousands of other colonists fought bravely for their freedom. They vowed never to build a new nation for themselves, their families, and fellow Americans which would empower the government to take back the rights of the people.

The Founding Fathers carefully packed the U.S. Constitution with laws to serve the citizens as eternal safeguards. No power-wielding president or court could go rogue or turn dictator. The people could not be taken back into tyranny like with Great Britain.


Sadly and angrily as we know today, those Constitutional safeguards are now being stretched and stomped on with President Obama trying to circumvent Congress and the people to push his own anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment agenda. Gun control is part of his control.

“The Founding Fathers made a very important decision to include the right to bear Arms for all Americans,” said Bryce Stirlen, CEO of AWC “They believed the American people should bear Arms to avoid tyranny, and to protect our borders, our families, friends, and neighbors. They knew fundamentally, nearly 250 years ago that a country armed has freedom, safety, and security. Those wise, courageous men looking into the future had the foresight to know the most simple principle – all of the people  should have the power to defend their own home. And if you think of America as a home shared by all of us, then it is all of our responsibility to protect and defend it.”


The hashtag with this important warning is a rapidly rising one on Twitter, a modern technology for Freedom of Speech. People are resonating with the idea of waking America as they should on this Flag Day, and every day.

History can repeat itself…if the people allow it.

Under President Obama, the gun control debate is louder than ever. Americans on both sides of the issue are growing more passionate, and more divided. Many people think they are supporting the president in gun control. Little do they realize they are acting against the support of We The People.


You see, whether or not you like guns…whether you exercise your Constitutional Right to bear Arms to defend yourself, your home, and your country (or blindly hope someone else does it for you) here is a simple fact:

The Second Amendment protects and preserves the First Amendment. The right to bear Arms protects and preserves your right to free speech. Without 2A, the people can be easily silenced, bullied, and stripped of their freedoms.

AWC Inc. CEO Bryce Stirlen was raised in a home where guns were allowed, but not ammunition. Bryce’s father as a very young man had a friend die in his arms, a casualty of a freak hunting accident. The incident haunted Bryce’s father who passed away two years ago. Still, he allowed his sons to collect antique guns and nurtured respect for them.

Bryce’s inspiration for firearms, the military, and our Founding Fathers came through his grandfather, Clement E. “Buck” Humphrey, who was a World War II hero. Bryce was physically disqualified from following his grandfather into military service, but today he proudly and passionately works with a veteran-driven team at AWC Inc.

“When the government tries to take away our Second Amendment Rights, it makes me furious,” says Bryce. “I know how my grandfather would have felt if he were alive. I am reminded of this every day at work when I see it in the eyes of the veterans on our team who courageously fought for our country and freedoms. They are disillusioned and disgusted by this assault on the Constitution.

To allow some bully or some structure to control you on what they think is right, means your freedoms will be gone. There was much blood spilled in order for the U.S. Constitution to be written by our Founding Fathers. Everything in that document is only safe and secure if Americans have right to protect themselves and say ‘NO.’

On Flag Day 2015, look at how President Obama has become Dictator-in-Chief. Does any American believe that won’t become a trend, or transition into what our country will become if our rights are taken away?”

Food for thought in remembering our Founding Fathers on Flag Day.


RECON Challenge 2015


There are challenges in life. And then there is the RECON Challenge. The 7th annual version of this marathon event was just held at the United States Marine Corps base at Camp Pendleton in Southern California. Combining swimming, shooting, and a whole lot of hiking, the RECON Challenge is a one-day training competition not for the faint of heart, physically or mentally.

The grueling event is hosted by the Camp Pendleton Commanding Officer and the Instructor Staff of the Reconnaissance Training Company, Advanced Infantry Training Battalion, and School of Infantry (WEST). Its starting point was San Onofre Beach in San Clemente, California. It finished at SOI.

2015 RECON Challenge

22 two-man teams of Reconnaissance and SARC Corpsman participated. It is open to all officers and enlisted who are graduates of the Basic Reconnaissance Course (BRC) and the Amphibious Reconnaissance School (ARS) who are active and reserve status. This also includes those from sister services and foreign competitors who have graduated from the BRC or ARS.


They began the competition at 4:00 a.m. with an open water swim with full combat equipment. Competitors strapped on 60+pound rucksacks and jumped into the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean. This was not just any spot, but right by the world famous Trestles surfing destination. Thus, you have 8-foot swells to battle in making it 1,000 meters out to a buoy and another 1,000 meters back to shore.

From tough to tougher.

The RECON Challenge then takes the competitors through a series of events on an obstacle course spanning 25.9 miles. It’s not just the distance for hiking and running with 60+pound rucksacks and a rifle which is a challenge. The terrain is the rugged “Alpha Shelf” mountain region of MCB Camp Pendleton.


Here’s more of the “fun” events for competitors in the RECON Challenge:

Observation and memorization contest.

Map work and navigation test.

Radio and communication test.

Fireman’s Carry test.

Knot-tying test.

Live firing range.


  • “The Tiring Tire.” How would you and a partner like to take on a massive tire? Swim 100 meters. Flip the tire into the pool. Push the tire to the deep end of the pool. Sink the tire to the bottom of the 15-foot pool. Swim to the bottom of the pool, and somehow manage to get the tire back to the surface. Then, lift the tire, now full of water, out of the pool.
  • “Weapons of Mass Assembly.” How would you and a partner like to do a marathon which features the dis-assembly and re-assembly of a 1911, M4, a myriad of machine guns and many other weapons?

Master Gunnery Sgt. Christopher May sums it up perfectly. “It comes down to knowing your strengths and weaknesses, knowing how to exploit them when you need, and just keep pushing forward,” he said.

The winning team of Master Sgt. David Jarvis and Capt. Patrick Zuber from 1st Reconnaissance Battalion won the 2015 RECON Challenge in a stunning time of 8 hours and 35 minutes. Their margin of victory was 49 minutes.

The event benefits the Marine Reconnaissance Foundation which supports the morale and welfare of those in the RECON community. Each team dedicated their participation in honor of a RECON Marine or sailor killed in action. Thus, keeping alive the brotherhood of the RECON Marines.

AWC Inc. Sponsors 2015 RECON Challenge


Photo: (Jon ZumMallen – left, U.S. Marine High Shooter for event – center, Bryce Stirlen – right).

Jon ZumMallen is the Vice-President of Manufacturing, and Research and Development at AWC Inc. Jon spent roughly six years as a RECON Marine and Scout Sniper. He served 2 tours of duty in Iraq, another in Afghanistan, and served at Camp Pendleton as an Instructor at the Pre-Scout Sniper Course.

Jon and AWC Inc. CEO Bryce Stirlen were proud to award two Build a Rifle kits to the high shooter teams of the 2015 RECON Challenge competition. “For me, being in one of the more aggressive units like RECON, there is a real sense of brotherhood, but when you get out you lose it,” says Jon ZumMallen. “When you do things like this and donate, it gives you a chance to help out and be back with people you know and taught and who taught you. So, it’s good to give back and get back with the RECON community.”


Being There for Brayden McJilton, Son of Fallen U.S. Marine


Sometimes giving is easy. Sometimes it is not. Giving from the heart stirs a bunch of emotions. The AWC fundraiser this Saturday, May 16, 2015, for little Brayden McJilton, son of a fallen Marine from Camp Pendleton, is filled with emotion.



Josh McJilton was a brave hero. The 27-year old knew he was unarmed in a parking lot in his hometown of Wauseon, Ohio. He knew he was saving a woman from a man with a loaded gun. He intervened anyway. In his final act on April 25, 2015, Josh lived and died like a U.S. Marine. One day, 3-year old Brayden McJilton will understand what his Mommy Lydia knows. His Daddy did a courageous thing in sacrificing his life for someone else. From that moment on, Brayden will have pride to help fill in where there is only the pain of loss.


It is infuriating the alleged perpetrator, Romualdo Cordoba, Jr. stalked his estranged wife and mother of their children, and shot a good Samaritan stranger, Josh McJilton.

It’s too bad the bad guy had a gun. If only the good guy did. The wrong guy died, and now heartbroken loved ones have to live with it. At least now, the U.S. Marshals have captured him. He was just caught in Texas crying to cross his way into Mexico.


Photo: Romualdo Cordoba, Jr. – Just Captured by U.S. Marshals



A scheduled AWC Customer Appreciation Day set for May 16, 2015 has been set aside. Now a sale and charitable benefit for little Brayden McJilton is in place from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm at the AWC, Inc. facility located at 2420 Industry Street, Oceanside, CA 92054.

AWC is a veteran-driven company. People are planning and preparing to make the event a success. If you can attend, you’ll enjoy free food and drink, and meet other quality, caring people. Plus, there will be plenty of great firearm and tactical gear products at great prices with a portion of proceeds going to this great cause.

A number of AWC team members have stepped up for the benefit event for Brayden McJilton to happen. For example:

One U.S. Marine actually asked his wife to change the date of their first baby shower so he could play a key role in the benefit. She graciously agreed. He and a colleague have dedicated many hours of effort in customizing and refurbishing a Marine Corps Field Desk/Shooting Table to be donated as the main prize. It has a $1500 value.

CEO Bryce Stirlen postponed a trip home to Chicago to be with his family.  Proof, people today do still care about helping others in need.


We do hope you will be able to join us this Saturday, May 16th, from 9:00 to 3:00 at the AWC location at 2420 Industry Street in Oceanside. If not, making any kind of donation to the cause would be greatly appreciated. 100% of all donations will go to 3-year old Brayden McJilton.

Finally, we hope you will be kind enough to share news of the event with others in the Southern California region. Cut and paste a link, email it to friends and family if you can.

AWC, Inc. thanks you. Josh’s family will surely thank you, too. Let’s help to turn things around for little Brayden McJilton by showing him the joys of giving.

AWC to Benefit 3-Year Old Son of Murdered U.S. Marine Joshua McJilton


AWC to Benefit 3-Year Old Son of Murdered U.S. Marine Joshua McJilton

Veteran-driven AWC, America’s leading Tactical Gear and Gun Parts Company,  announces a public Fundraising Event at its Oceanside, CA offices on Saturday, May 16th from 9:00 am -3:00 pm. It will support the 3-year old child of fallen U.S. Marine, Joshua McJilton, also from Oceanside. A portion of proceeds from a one-day sale, and all proceeds from a raffle drawing will benefit a trust fund for McJilton’s 3-year old son, Brayden. The unarmed 27-year old hero was killed on April 25, 2015 on a family visit in Wauseon, Ohio. His bravery saved the life of a woman he did not know during a domestic dispute. The alleged killer, Romualdo Córdoba Jr. remains on the run.       


Oceanside, CA.  May 9, 2015  – “Leave No Man Behind.” It is an unwritten but unwavering U.S. Military code. It also serves as the inspiration for the mission of AWC, Inc. to support 3-year old, Brayden McJilton, the “little man” left behind in the killing of his father, U.S. Marine and civilian hero, Joshua McJilton, of Oceanside, CA.

Police and U.S. Marshals are searching for 38-year old, Romualdo Córdoba Jr. He is considered armed and dangerous. An April 25, 2015, a Wauseon, Ohio parking lot surveillance video allegedly shows him shooting and killing unarmed 27-year old Joshua McJilton, who intervened in a domestic dispute between the suspect and his estranged wife, Melinda Cordoba.

romualdo-cordoba-jr - josh-mcjilton-death

(Photo: Romualdo Córdoba Jr.)

“My husband was a hero,” cried Lydia McJilton, Josh’s wife of 5 years, and Brayden’s mother. “He always was. He jumped in to help like any Marine would have.” Joshua McJilton spent 4 years as a forward observer for the   1/11th U.S. Marines out of Camp Pendleton.

News of Josh McJilton’s death hit AWC hard. A number of U.S. Marines and spouses are employed at the company, making the highest quality tactical gear, and parts to build a gun legally. They’re doing the following to assist their fallen comrade:

  1. Transforming a previously scheduled “Customer Appreciation Day Sale,” into a public fundraising event. 10% of proceeds will go to a trust fund established for Lydia and Josh McJilton’s 3-year old son, Brayden McJilton.
  1. Hosting a Raffle Drawing. ALL proceeds benefit Brayden McJilton trust fund. AWC is donating a customized, refurbished Marine Corps Field Desk/Shooting Table (work done by U.S. Marines, Jordan Leete and William Smith, Jr.). The winning prize has a $1500 value.

“Our company proudly honors veterans,” said AWC CEO, Bryce Stirlen. “The brave actions of Joshua McJilton prove being a hero, and his U.S. Marine Corps training were in his heart and DNA. We are trying to salute him in a helpful way.”

“My Josh would have been so proud humbled by this,” said Lydia McJilton. “I am beyond grateful. I don’t have words to express how thankful I am.”

The Brayden McJilton Fundraising event will be held from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm on Saturday, May 16, 2015 at the AWC facility, 2420 Industry St. Oceanside, CA 92054. (760) 650-2737.

About AWC, Inc.

AWC Inc. manufactures and sells the finest quality tactical gear, and gun parts made in America. Headquartered in Oceanside, California, the veteran-driven company proudly supports the Second Amendment in serving legal citizens, law enforcement, and military customers.

For more information, visit https://www.americanweaponscomponents.com or call (760) 650-2737.


Media Contact Information:

Thomas Baldrick, AZ Strong

Phone: (480) 415-8610







AWC Obama Countdown


We admit it. We’re doing our own Obama Countdown at AWC. But it’s not what you think. Sure, we are well aware there are 571 days until the next U.S. Presidential Election on November 8, 2016. We also know there are 644 days until President Barack Obama’s last day in office on January 20, 2017.

This Obama Countdown is different. It impacts you much sooner.

It’s time to say “Bye Bye Barack” to our products named after the president. They are being discontinued by AWC. You have until April 30, 2015 to order your “Obama’s Blaster.” All orders placed by midnight on this date will be honored.


The “Yes We Can Build a Firearm” product was the brainchild of AWC Founder, Dimitrios Karras, a U.S. Marine who bravely served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Launched in September 2014, the Obama’s Blaster exercised the strength of Freedom of Speech in America. Boldly, it came just six months after the ATF Raid of AWC property in Oceanside, California.

The AR–15 Upper Receiver named, “Obama’s Blaster,” created a nationwide controversy. At the time, Dimitri told the media, it was “obviously a joke” and not meant to suggestion action vs. any political figure. He called it, “A commemorative AR-15 part honoring President Obama’s role as the most distinguished firearm salesman of all-time.”

Today, Dimitrios Karras says his point has clearly been made. “The reality is we never intended it to last this long,” Karras said. “However, because of the widespread anti-Obama sentiment, we have had to keep up with demand from the public for this product.”

Silver Linings Playbook

The title of the hit movie sums up the difficult strategic decision, AWC CEO, Bryce Stirlen, had to make. It is a necessary play for the company in taking aim at its business targets on the next level of growth. “There really a silver lining for our customers and supporters,” says Stirlen. “We are just wrapping up production on a new and improved product. We’ll be announcing the news about this in the very near future.”

For obvious reasons, this is all we can say now about this Obama Countdown. However, we want you to know this friends…

No matter what else changes…no matter what you may hear or think…take it from us at the source…the core of this U.S. Veteran driven company is still supporting 2A all the way.

Adds Stirlen, “We know what we’re doing. We know where we’re going. We will continue to expand our business and build our product line. With any makeover, you look different on the outside. But rest assured, we have the same values on the inside. Our company remains 100% committed to supporting the Second Amendment, gun rights, and delivering the highest quality arms and tactical products proudly made in the U.S.A.”

So let the clock on this Obama Countdown begin. There are 14 days until the Obama’s Blaster becomes a blast from the past. It’s available now through midnight, April 30, 2015. Order yours now.

Bryce Stirlen, New CEO

AWC Acquired by Lake House Capital Management, Bryce Stirlen

In the United States of America, you can mix business with pleasure. Here is living proof.

Lake House Capital Management, LLC, a Hinsdale, Illinois-based holding company is pleased and proud to announce it has acquired all the assets of Lycurgan, Inc., (doing business as AWC). Specific terms of the deal were not disclosed at this time.

U.S. Marine, Dimitri Karras, who served tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan, founded AWC in 2010. Headquartered in Oceanside, California, AWC is the leading supplier of 80 percent lower receivers, and develops and manufactures high quality American-made firearm parts to legally build your own weapons. The business also proudly develops, manufactures, and sells innovative tactical gear, combat body armor, and more.

“We thank and respect Dimitri Karras for his patriotism, service, and defense of our country and its Constitution,” says new AWC CEO, Bryce Stirlen. “We value his vision and efforts with AWC, and truly wish him all the best in his future roles in the company.”

AWC customers can expect to experience no disruption in quality or service during the management transition. But like when anyone buys a house, Lake House Capital Management has much it loves about AWC, but also has some areas where it wants to make changes and add its own touches.

“Great people and great products have built AWC into the successful business it is today,” adds Stirlen, a gun enthusiast, husband, and father. “Our main focus is to now build a better foundation to support the explosive growth the Company is experiencing.

That said, to be clear, one area where we will not waver is in loyal defense of the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, and protecting the rights of all Americans to bear arms.

We are very excited about an even brighter future for AWC, and believe our customers will be excited about it, too.”

Amended: New AWC CEO, Bryce Stirlen. “In response to feedback about our Veteran heritage, we maintain and stand strong unwavering from our Veteran status. Of Veterans, by Veterans, and for Veterans.”