Wilsons: 1 Step Closer to Nevada Gun Rights Gold


AWC is still supporting Brian and Valerie Wilson. The CCW Permit holders are now one step closer in their fight for Nevada Gun Rights Gold. Assembly Bill 167, known as #AB167, was just passed by the Nevada Assembly. It’s now in the hands (and hearts) of the Nevada Senate. A vote is expected before early June.

The new Nevada Gun Rights law will allow the Wilsons and others with concealed-weapons permits, as well as gun-carrying law enforcement officers, to be eligible foster parents. Plus, they will still have the right to carry loaded weapons on their person, or in their home, or a car.

The 26-15 vote included all 25 Republicans who voted in favor of the bill. One Democratic Assemblyman, James Ohrenschall, of Las Vegas, voted his conscience with the majority.

“It happened exactly as we expected,” Brian Wilson told AWC. “It was a full party line vote except for Assemblyman Ohrenschall. He’s a good guy. He’s established, knows what he’s doing, and can vote what he believes.”

The Wilson’s request to become foster parents was denied by the Nevada Department of Child and Family Services because they are concealed weapon permit holders. Their attempts to get a variance from the state regulation were also shot down.

Rather than lay down their weapons (or quietly break the law as they were advised), the Las Vegas couple is working tirelessly to right the Nevada Gun Rights law.


Republican Assemblywoman Michele Fiore, of Las Vegas, is betting big on the Wilson’s rights. She is leading the fight in the Nevada Legislature.

Brian Wilson is relieved by the Nevada Assembly passing of #AB167. However, he and his wife, Valerie, are certainly not celebrating. The Las Vegas couple has been wearing their hearts on their sleeves for more than a year and half on this issue.

“Lots of people have been saying congratulations to us,” said Brian. “People are paying attention and know the bill passed. We think the added awareness is a good thing.”

As the bill now reaches the Nevada Senate, a key change has taken place. It goes from the Judiciary Committee to a Health and Human Services Committee matter. Brian admits, “I don’t know how they are going to react. We’re kind of starting all over. If we can get out of the committee to the floor, I think we can get it passed.”

The big danger with this important Nevada Gun Rights bill is that it gets watered down. Attempts last year in the Nevada Interim Legislative Commission only included law enforcement, leaving out CCWs.

We urge the Nevada Senate to see good, caring people like Brian and Valerie Wilson as law-abiding citizens. They are safety conscious people, not negligent or dangerous.

Just because people exercise their Second Amendment Rights to bear arms, doesn’t mean they aren’t the right arms to embrace foster children. All these kids want is someone to genuinely love and care for them. Brian and Valerie want to love children. They don’t want or need a monthly check to do it.

Nevada gun rights shouldn’t get in the way. This would be a crying shame to leave love-starved, innocent children in the state bureaucracy system. They deserve better. They deserve love. It’s an easy solution.

Guns aside, any Nevada foster children would be a whole lot happier and a whole lot safer with Brian and Valerie Wilson than they would in a system already shot full of holes.

Firearms and the Safety of Family

Build-a-Firearm Nib Bolt Carrier Group

March 15, 2015



Mr. Brian and Mrs. Valerie Wilson
Las Vegas, Nevada


Dear Valerie and Brian,


Thank Ares Letter to the Wilson Family in Supportyou for coming forward publicly and sharing your story. It moved me. It also moved the people in our company. Thus, we also shared your story to all our loyal customers on the AWC website.


Maybe it’s me. But I just don’t understand how a law-abiding, firearm-carrying couple with Constitutional Rights do not have the legal right to be foster parents or adopt a child. This doesn’t seem fair to you or a child who wants, needs, and deserves to be loved.


What I can understand is how the attempted invasion of your home changed your outlook on life. Yours happened when you lived in New York. My family’s was in a similar unconstitutional “gun-free zone” in Chicago, Illinois. You never forget it, do you?


For us, it was 2:30 a.m. My family was sleeping. I was home working at that hour. Two thugs smashed the window of my 2-year old daughter’s bedroom. Within seconds, I grabbed her and rushed her and my 6-month old son into their mother’s arms in our bedroom.


After quickly leading my family into a designated safe area in our home, I ran back to confront the two perpetrators. The only legal self-defense weapon I had was my martial arts training. Luckily in this case, applying my skills as a black belt was enough (if you catch my drift).

How is it, today’s America doesn’t fully value good human beings like yourselves, who believe in their Constitutional Rights to bear arms in order to protect themselves?



Valerie and Brian, I respect you for “sticking to your guns” so to speak. Thank you for fighting for positive change across America, and specifically in Nevada with trying to change the law with Assembly Bill 167.


You got through the attempted invasion of your home. I pray and believe you will get through this challenge. You deserve to keep your right to bear arms, AND get the right and the opportunity to welcome deserving children into your loving arms.


Please let me know if we, at AWC, can be of assistance to you.


With gratitude and admiration,



Bryce Stirlen, CEO


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