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  • AR10 18″ .308 caliber barrel available in 1×8 twist with standard carbine profile and 1/2 28 tpi theads, M4 extension 416R stainless steel 5R rifling in black finish. Our AR Barrels are proudly Made in the USA with every attention to detail to assure that you have the best shooting AR15 Barrel you can buy. We make our AR Barrels for sale directly to you the customer so we can provide you the best and cheapest AR15 Barrel for the money while maintaining an extremely high quality.

    This is a completed product which had been blackened and laser engraved. This product can not be fluted or modified.


    • 416 R ordnance grade stainless steel produced in Germany by the same mill as H&K
    • F bar rated = meaning it is acceptable for use by all Nato country’s
    • Extensions made from 4140 AE = meaning aircraft grade steel
    • Manufacturing proprietary processes creates a stress free product that has a hardened surface on the bore. To improve the wear and longevity
    • M4 feed ramps on extensions to current production standards to ensure conformance between manufacturers
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