Gloating Gun Control Groups


Gun Control Groups: Good at Gloating, Bad at Counting on Advancing National Reciprocity Effort

By NRA-ILA:  GLOATING GUN CONTROL GROUPS!  Apparently, Michael Bloomberg is good at counting money but not so good at counting votes. This week, Breitbart reported that Everytown for Gun Safety, Michael Bloomberg’s gun ban conglomerate, was claiming a “win” for congressional inaction on national right to carry reciprocity.

This just goes to show that not only do gun control advocates not tell the truth, they usually insist on telling the opposite of the truth. The fact is that the momentum behind the national reciprocity effort continues to grow, with the number of co-sponsors on Rep. Richard Hudson’s House bill now at 203 and rapidly approaching the 218 votes needed for passage through the House of Representatives.

Barack Obama once claimed that future generations would look back on his presidential nomination as “the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal … .” That ludicrous assertion basically set the template for what Everytown is now doing, which is to boldly claim credit for unobservable events that sound good to their supporters. Everytown could tell its donors, “Thanks to your support, we have another day in America where national reciprocity hasn’t happened,” but that doesn’t mean the group itself had anything to do with that state of affairs or that daily progress toward national reciprocity isn’t being made.

Gun Control Groups Gloat

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  1. The dumbing down of the USA continues through the educational system and the liberal media. If a billionaire like Bloomberg (part of the 1% that would supposedly be taxed at the highest rate) supports it you know that there’s something wrong with it. Free cell phones for all welfare recipients with your vote.😟

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