California’s Bullet Button Ban Sparks Surge in Rifle Checks

California’s bullet button ban sparks historic surge in long gun checks Christen Smith of writes: Bullet Button.  Federal background checks for long gun sales in California surged to an 18-year high in November, according to the FBI’s database. Dealers processed 82,554 applications for long guns through the National Instant Criminal Background Check system last […]

Background Checks Block 3 Million Sales

Background checks credited for blocking 3 million sales Daniel Terrill of writes: This year marks the 23rd anniversary of the Brady bill’s signing into law and with it comes a record number of background checks performed in a single year as well as a milestone for blocked sales. The federal law that requires licensed […]


Howard Stern talks National carry license reciprocity, carry rights Greg Camp from writes: Shock jock Howard Stern has expressed his support for national carry license reciprocity. Stern is infamous for his program’s crude sexism, an attitude that Donald Trump shared in an episode last year. This may be a willingness to compromise on Stern’s […]

Hail to the Chief!

Hello, Mr. President! Bob Owens of Bearing Arms writes: Its going to be days, and weeks, and months before pundits are able to dissect the details of the 2016 Presidential election, but all you really need to know is this: the American people delivered a massive “up yours” to politics as usual. Donald Trump is […]

Clinton & Kaine Statements on Second Amendment – PLEASE GO VOTE!

Top Clinton and Kaine Statements on the Second Amendment

Erika Haas of Bearing Arms writes: Election Day is finally here. Here are ten things to keep in mind before you cast your vote.

1. Kaine once vowed to protect our Second Amendment rights…sort of.

“I’m committed to not violating the Second Amendment or infringing upon the gun rights of law-abiding citizens,” Kaine told the Washington Post back in 2005. “I’m committed to protecting that constitutional right to hunt and fish…I value the traditions that Virginians value.”

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Gun Controls Don’t Protect UK from Terrorist Attacks

Despite Severe Gun Controls, UK Warns of Terrorist Gun Attacks

The NRA writes: This week, UK authorities effectively admitted that the “gold standard” of gun control is not enough to protect the country from extremists that are intent on using illegally obtained firearms to commit terrorist violence. Warning that terrorists could bypass the country’s strict laws, the UK’s National Crime Agency and National Counter Terrorism Policing have issued a desperate appeal to the public for any information that could prevent terrorists and other criminals from acquiring firearms.

In an October 31 press release, NCTP head Mark Rowley made clear, “The current threat to the UK from international terrorism remains ‘severe’, meaning an attack is highly likely.” Rowley went on to note, “Despite our good work we know that firearms can enter the criminal market through a variety of means, including thefts from legitimate holders or dealers.” NCA Director General Lynne Owens also noted that criminals bypass UK law, stating, “Criminal networks, who think nothing about who they sell firearms to, present a significant route by which extremist groups will try to access the sort of weapons used in recent attacks in Europe.”

U.S. politicians could learn something from this episode. Efforts to ban commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms or prohibit firearm possession based on secret, and dubious, government lists won’t prevent terrorist violence. Most of the UK prohibits nearly all semi-automatic firearms, and the licenses and certificates required for gun ownership can be denied for the thinnest of reasons. Further, the UK has strict firearms storage requirements, which subjects gun owners to government inspections of their firearm storage arrangements. UK law enforcement seems to have little doubt in the ability of terrorists and other criminals to bypass these stringent measures.

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Trump Election Office Struck by Vandals AGAIN!

Trump’s Denver office struck by vandals Jacki Billings of writes: Donald Trump’s Denver campaign headquarters suffered two acts of vandalism within 24 hours, according to the Denver Police Department. The first incident occurred earlier Friday morning when derogatory words were painted on the wall at the office. That incident was followed later that night […]