California IIA Constitutional Amendment Drive Ramping:

California IIA Constitutional Amendment Drive Ramping

California IIA Constitutional Amendment Drive Ramping

California 2A constitutional amendment drive ramps up

By Chris Eger:  California IIA Constitutional Amendment Drive Ramping.  A group of Second Amendment advocates is moving forward with a plan to put the right to keep and bear arms in the California Constitution.

Banking on engaging the state’s 13 million gun owners, the 2AforCA effort this week began taking what they term “signature commitments” from registered voters in an effort to build a foundation for the signatures they want to add a constitutional amendment protecting gun rights in California.

“The goal is to stop the insanity coming out of Sacramento and return gun rights to all law-abiding Californians,” Barry Bahrami, one of the group’s organizers, told “There are many gun rights supporters on both sides of the aisle in California. It’s not just a Republican issue. And so, it’s time to get this done.”

CA 2A Constitutional Amendment Ramping Up

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9 thoughts on “California IIA Constitutional Amendment Drive Ramping

  1. Kalifornia is run by socialists, including their legislature. Republicans are not allowed on State ballots. Under these circumstances, how far do you really think this movement will get?

  2. Not far with that attitude, Mitch. Funny we call “them” a bunch of pansies but 2A supporters roll over at the sight of their uphill battle. Who are the pansies here?

    2A CA supporters just going to tuck and roll over or you *actually* going to do something?

  3. Good. Washington State has that protection in our constitution. The 2nd amendment is there to protect the citizens from their government. Why do people think it was the next amendment after the First

  4. There is a big problem with trying to put something on the ballot in CA: it is very expensive and difficult.

    At the same time groups like the NRA/CRPA are taking the State of CA to court to overturn CA’s recent assaults on the 2A, with a great deal of success. The recent case in San Diego, for example, had the judge finding that the over 10-round magazine ban was a ‘taking’, and that laws that infringe on the 2A deserve ‘strict’ scrutiny’ and the State just waving the old ‘public safety’ saw was insufficient reason to diminish the 2A. He also suggested that he expects the case to be upheld on appeal.

    And getting the right care to the SCOTUS could make a lot of activities, like trying to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot, moot.

    Let’s spend our money wisely and not throw it into efforts that, while our hearts may want it, our heads tell us won’t be likely to succeed.

  5. I understand Mitch but we have to take back this State. We have to start somewhere and I hope this gets going and even if it fails hopefully it will build some momentum for the next drive or at least get the attention of some of these lawmakers.

  6. Great Job by the NRA. And God bless the Judge for protecting our 2nd Amendment Rights ,put there by great men like him,today. I’ll make sure I’m current on my DUES. Matter of fact I’ll be a paid up, LIfe Long member. we must protect our FREEDOM as our Constitution was written. Our new AG in California ,Xavier Bacerra has put in effect a TRAVEL BAN on Californians, We can’t visit Texas,and 3 other States,cause ,according to AG Bacerra,they don’t support Gay Rights, Don’t like Muslims,and don’t Dis-Arm they’re Citizens. Who in Hell does he think he is? Has he Read our Constitution? Or just ignored it like Obamba , the FRAUD?

  7. I am afraid there are too many stupid liberals in California to get this passed there. There are politicians that will die fighting this. The Governor is one of them he’ll fight tooth and nail to stop such a bill. If it was on the ballot in an election they would fix the vote I am sure. You know Diane Feinstein would throw her money behind stopping it too.

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