Bloomberg Lackey Comes Clean On Anti-Gun Agenda

Bloomberg Lackey Comes Clean On Anti-Gun Agenda

Bloomberg Lackey Comes Clean On Anti-Gun Agenda

By Bearing Arms Staff:  Bloomberg Lackey Comes Clean On Anti-Gun Agenda.  Back when Mark Glaze was executive director of Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns, and later Everytown for Gun Safety, he went to great lengths to portray his master’s anti-gun positions as moderate. Glaze used the typical gun control advocate refrain that his groups were merely seeking “common sense” gun laws. The anti-gun campaigner used every opportunity to remind his audience that he was from Colorado and the son of a licensed firearms dealer. When discussing Colorado’s magazine ban and private transfer restrictions in 2014, Glaze assured that the laws improved safety, but that the “Second Amendment is going to be protected.”
Earlier this month, Glaze finally dropped all pretense of moderation and acknowledged his and his associates’ radical anti-gun goals. Writing on behalf of a new gun control group called Guns Down, Glaze endorsed mandatory firearm owner licensing, alluded to a “government buy-back” for commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms, and called for restrictions that would prevent even the law-abiding from accessing guns.

In a departure from Everytown’s messaging, Glaze downplayed the importance of background checks, claiming that they “alone aren’t the answer.” According to Glaze, “To truly tackle the gun violence epidemic, lawmakers must go further – after the guns themselves.”

Bloomberg Anti-Gun Agenda

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7 thoughts on “Bloomberg Lackey Comes Clean On Anti-Gun Agenda

  1. Gun control groups/people do nothing more than empower the criminal and should be labeled as supporting

  2. Only important people should be able to defend themselves. Armed security details. Armored vehicles. etc etc
    We the subjects/populace are nothing follow our Lemming/DNC leaders they know better.
    We are just stupid people who give a chosen few power.
    Narcissistic, Hypocritical,Egomaniacs, with superior IQ’s just ask Pelosi (64)

  3. They are asking for an armed rebellion. The 2nd amendment is there to protect the citizens from their government and politicians.
    Time to put all anti gun representatives out of office before they cause the next civil war, which being unarmed they will lose.

  4. These anti gun tactics are the same ones used by all governments that ended up being Dictatorships, Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany, English colonies such as the USA and most of the worlds dictatorships. From the time the human race formed societies and had society leaders the leaders maintained their position and powers by making sure their subjects unarmed. You cannot control an armed population. We must resist infringement on our rights to maintain arms. If we do not, we will go the way of the Nazi regime.

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