Who’s More Crazy – Dan Aykroyd or Many Americans?


Praise the power of the internet and social media. Even Canadian Dan Aykroyd can make a comment about guns in America, and somehow it becomes relevant. Even more, his firing away about firearms goes viral. Now that seems crazy.

The 62-year old comedian, actor, writer, and businessman has been making the rounds globally promoting his Crystal Head Vodka. That he was drinking it during an interview on “The HuffPost Show” on Friday doesn’t seem to be a factor.

Wearing Elwood Blues sunglasses, Aykroyd was in the zone when he told hosts, Roy Sekoff and Marc Lamont Hill he believes police need more training in less lethal tactics:

“America is flat-out gun crazy. That’s it man…But of course, it’s guns in the wrong hands. There are alternatives. There’s a Taser. There’s a sound system you can use to disable someone. There’s a high-frequency generator you can use. There’s a net you can fire, and it completely closes over the top part of the body. So why aren’t we looking into these alternatives?”  

Friends, we may surprise you here.

AWC is not going to do what other pro-gunners are doing. We’re going to exercise caution, and show Dan Aykroyd the same respect we do with firearms. We’re going to put safety first.

Full disclosure: We do scratch our heads over why he turned down the role of “D-Day” in the movie, Animal House. However, here’s our six-shooter of reasons why we say many Americans are more crazy than Dan Aykroyd:

  1. He married Donna Dixon.
  2. He’s visited terminally ill children in hospitals (privately without publicity).
  3. He’s admitted being diagnosed with certain conditions or “syndromes.”
  4. Dan Aykroyd is admittedly “proficient with a firearm. He repeated it earlier in the HuffPost interview. He also told them, “The real heroes are teachers, nurses, firefighters, the armed forces, and the police.” He spoke fondly of his grandfather being a sergeant in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
  5. He regularly supports law enforcement.

In fact, Dan Aykroyd admits he is obsessed with police and carries a badge on him. He also served decades on an auxiliary police committee in Harahan, Louisiana.

Recently, on his own initiative, Dan Aykroyd publicly pledged support to the children of fallen Philadelphia Police Officer Robert Wilson III, who was gunned down by two thugs during an armed robbery of a video game store. Wilson just happened to be in the store shopping for a gift to reward his little boy for doing well in school.

  1. Dan Aykroyd may have powerful friends.

Truth be told, this is our big reason for not blasting him. We’re not talking about friends in Hollywood. We’re not talking Barry’s Buddies in politics. We’re not talking dangerous illegal aliens who cross our border either.

We’re pointing out Dan Aykroyd’s knowledge and encounters with UFOs and real aliens.


It’s true. The human who’s played Dr. Raymond Stantz in Ghostbusters, and Beldar Conehead in Coneheads, has been dead serious on the record multiple times about UFOs and aliens. He’s a consultant for a UFO Network. He even appeared in a 2005 documentary, “Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs.”

In an interview with the Sunday Times Magazine in the U.K., Dan Aykroyd shared why aliens stay away from earthlings:

“It’s because we are a violent species. They don’t want anything to do with us. They watch us. There were two white orbs over (New) Jersey when the second tower went down on 9/11. They were on CNN for about two minutes…They never showed it again.

Can you imagine what was going through their advanced minds when they saw what happened on 9/11? These humans crashing our highest evolution in aviation into our highest evolution in architecture and metallurgy, like kids wrecking toys in the sandbox. They (aliens) are disgusted with us. And rightly so. Because we are a depraved, disgusting species.”

So you see friends, our company is already under the watchful eyes of the ATF, and others in the Obama Administration. We don’t want or need to “make the list” of angry aliens from other planets by challenging a guy who knows them.

Therefore, we’ll just respectfully disagree with Dan Aykroyd. After all, he’s right when he says, “You’ve got guns in the hands of wrong people.” Unfortunately, he’s way off target in thinking that disarming the good guys (and gals) would somehow be a solution. Now that’s funny.

Call us crazy.

We just don’t see responsible, law-abiding American citizens, or the law enforcement community Dan loves, wanting a net or a sound system in their hands when a criminal or terrorist is armed with a gun.      

Finally, here’s what AWC…Knows IS Crazy:


The Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution says, “…the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

  • What part of that declaration isn’t as clear as the noses on the faces of Our Founding Fathers who wrote it?
  • Why in the world do we still have so many Americans showcasing their ignorance and arguing about gun rights?
  • Why is the Obama Administration actually trying to Infringe and take away this Constitutional Right?

Here’s the bottom line as we see it:

Even the aliens must be laughing their antennae off at all this nonsense “gunsense” arguing.

Dan Aykroyd, if you’re ever tuned in on the right extraterrestrial frequency to confirm this…please, kindly let us in on the joke.